Struggling. Anyone used Dietbet for motivation?



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    I'm sorry, but it says that you are sleeping only 6-6.5 hours each night, but your schedule has you ending your workday / obligations by 5 or 6 most nights, except Tuesdays. What is happening between then and midnight?

    If you feel like you aren't getting enough work time in, if you don't get carsick, can you get things done in the passenger seat while your daughter drives herself to school? Practice time for her, work time for you.

    Well, dinner, then Mondays I do go for walks with a friend usually for a few hours (usually 2), then cleaning kitchen/getting to bed, (Tues out), Thurs have a commitment from 7-usually 8:15-ish, then I do tend to go to bed early as I have to be back up early. Friday nights is usually running around or family night because I'm wiped.

    Also remember the usual stuff like laundry/cleaning kitchen/getting stuff ready for the next day where necessary is a typical nightly thing.

    We had a family discussion though this week that TV is a "no more" evenings - we don't watch much as it is, but sometimes did Wednesdays.

    Now - it's "me" time, otherwise I'll never make it work LOL.

    Funny, when I write it down "at the moment" it seems like there's lots of time, but believe me until just the past week or so, there really wasn't. Every single evening seemed to be taken up with something out of the norm.

    Oh - and I do try to head to bed for around 10-ish... gotta spend some time with my hubby (or read, depending on the night lol) ;)
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    Wow, for busy so busy I'm amazed you had time to write this long post ;-)

    Um yeah... 10:30 pm on a Sunday night...
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    Btw, when I initially started losing weight I used Healthwage to motivate me. I wagered $150 that I could lose 10% of my body weight within 6 mos. I did and doubled my money, which was a pretty sweet deal. I now wish I had wagered more on a greater % because I've lost 120 lbs in the past year which is considerably more than 10% of my starting weight when I went on the MFP diet plan.
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    I don't quite understand. If the reason you don't work out is lack of time, how on Earth signing up in a challenge/bet would change this?