embarrassed to say...i have 200lbs to lose. :(

I've started again...lost 13lbs in the last 2 weeks thank God yet it's already becoming hard to not think about eating all the time....How in the world do I hang on for 187 more pounds?


  • whatatime2befit
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    Don't look at the 187 lbs you have to lose. Set small milestones for yourself. 10 lbs, 20 lbs, etc., and aim for those. That is way less overwhelming than a larger weight. Don't get mad or frustrated at yourself if you have a bad day or bad week, we all have those. Just pick yourself up and move on.

    I don't think you should be embarrassed at all. I think you should be proud of yourself. That you've taken the step to lose weight and get healthy.

    Please feel free to add me as a friend.
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    Be proud, motmot21! You've taken the first step, the hardest step! I have 170 to go. I understand how daunting it is looking at those big numbers. Give yourself some mini goals. Focus on progress, not perfection!
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    There's nothing to be embarrassed about - you've recognised a need to do something and you're doing something about it, many people don't - you should be proud and not embarrassed.

    13 lb is a great start, just stay positive and you won't even notice what you think you're depriving yourself of.

    Good luck :-)
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    Don't be embarrassed. There's nothing to be ashamed of. They're numbers. And you are MORE than a number! With that said, 13lbs is a great loss! You're off to a wonderful start! This isn't easy. If it were easy, we'd all look like Marilyn Monroe, naturally. It does take some work, and some figuring things out. What works for one person may not work for another. A huge thing honestly that helps, is truly changing your mentality. Realizing you are NOT on a diet.

    In the past, the minute I went on a diet, I immediately craved, something- be it pizza, ice cream, a candy bar, some type of fast food- something I wasn't "supposed to have" on that "diet". But the difference is, when you change your lifestyle, there isn't anything you CAN'T have. It's simply a matter of finding where things fit in. Proper portion control, and having a balance of healthy and better food choices combined with others.

    I'm a real person. I'm not saying those who enjoy a vegan lifestyle, vegetarian, clean eating, ect. aren't "real" so to speak, but for me, that wasn't who I was. For me, being real, means having a slice of pizza when I get a craving. Or, if I want a can of Mountain Dew, I have one. The difference is, I don't eat an entire pizza, or sit down and drink an entire two liter or Mountain Dew. Don't get me wrong, I could. I could easily drink a two liter of Mountain Dew without taking a breath. But, I know it's reasonable if I'm going to have one, to pick where it fits, and enjoy my can.

    Find exercises that you enjoy. Taking a walk is something I really enjoy. I like walking around my neighborhood, seeing the sights, looking at beauty of nature during the various times of the year. I try to make things a little exciting sometimes by finding things new, or will even tell myself- I'm going to find three things today on my walk I've never noticed before, and make a game of my exercise.

    As you get to do things like that, then you never know what you might expand to enjoy! But the big thing is, don't look at the "big picture" so to speak. When you look at those large numbers, they do get overwhelming. Look at today. Worry about getting through today. Focus on your daily goals and what you want to accomplish for the day, and maybe even the week. So many people get overwhelmed, and ultimately fail because they look at the big number and think it's just hopeless. They give up, because they feel like it's unattainable, when, it's a slow process. It didn't happen overnight, and it will definitely take it's time coming off, but, it can, and will happen.

    Hang in there, and keep going!
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    Thank u all for the words of encouragement! It means so much!
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    Focus on smaller milestones, like the others have said; and think about just how proud you'll be when you look back and say... Look at how far I've come.
    The first step is always the hardest. :) Best of luck on your journey.
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    Well begun is half done.

    Just take it one day and Lb at a time. With time blitzing by this day and age before you know it it's 10.25.2015. Soak up as many inspirational success stories and milestones as you can. Very encouraging.
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    Hiya.. I'm just getting started (again) .. I have 230 to lose.. I've been pretty miserable I'll admit this week about what to do and where to start.. however tonight I have had my light bulb moment and i'm suddenly feeling a lot more positive. I am now currently looking for more friends who are in the same kind of situation as us so please add me if this is you :)
    (Oh and this is my first ever mfp post so hai!)
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    start small yes the ultimate goal is 187lbs down but make one that is more reachable
    then once you hit that make another one
    You will get there just keep at it
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    Never give up and you will do it. good luck
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    You can do it! I agree with several other comments that small goals are the way to go. Personally, I'm finding it motivating to add MFP friends... those silly little comments and "likes" each day make me want to check in and be sure to do my log each day.
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    You may feel embarrassed by it now, but think of how proud you're going to be at the end of your journey when you can say that you had the commitment to not just lose weight, but to lose almost 200lbs.

    I'm down 70, and believe me, any weight loss gives you bragging rights.

    You can do this and building a support system makes it easier. :smile:
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    You do not have 200 lbs to lose. You have 187 lbs to lose. Claim your weight loss- you did it and give yourself credit for it! It is tough, no doubt. Look at smaller goals. I started with 160 lbs to lose. My goal weights are a stair step of what happened at those weights. Right now, I want to be under 298, the weight I got pregnant with my last child. And then 285, the weight I graduated high school. And on from there. Make your numbers mean something to you.
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    motmot21 wrote: »
    I've started again...lost 13lbs in the last 2 weeks thank God yet it's already becoming hard to not think about eating all the time....How in the world do I hang on for 187 more pounds?

    I can't imagine how hard it must be. I have 40 pounds and that seems like a lot. But if you look at the success stories on here, they are very inspirational and motivational.

    Here's a fantastic one. Make sure you read how he does it.... very doable!


    Good luck. If you fall off, just get right back on!
  • I know where you are coming from. I have about 70-100 pounds to lose and it seems overwhelming, but you just have to keep going I guess.
  • 13lbs is a little bit too much to lose in 2 weeks! It's no wonder you're finding it difficult. Perhaps go a little easier on yourself so that you're losing a smaller amount each week (1-2lbs) and then you won't find it so difficult and you won't wonder how you will be able to carry on. But well done and good luck! :-)
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    motmot21 wrote: »
    I've started again...lost 13lbs in the last 2 weeks thank God yet it's already becoming hard to not think about eating all the time....How in the world do I hang on for 187 more pounds?

    A day at a time. I just keep telling myself to be active, and the first thing I do each morning, now, is exercise. It is taking a while to rev up the metabolism, again, but I keep making small gains. Not all success is measured on the weight scale. You might gain a little muscle, which washes out any fat loss the scale might notice.
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    The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Welcome to one of the hardest but most rewarding journeys of your life. There will be struggles, missteps, and times you want to throw in the towel. But when that happens, and it will, step back and look how far you've come. Then keep going. Congratulations.