Hey Hey Hey! I'm From Canada, Eh?!

Hey there!! My name is Amanda and I'm 23 years old! I'm a good ol' Canadian girl who loves working out and loves to eat even more!! I'm looking to keep motivated and help to motivate others who are in need!! :smile: I'm currently studying Sports & Fitness Nutrition and working towards my Diploma. I love helping others and sharing what I have learned thus far so shoot me a message! Good Luck to Everyone in their training! Eat Clean, Train Hard and Remember*, It's harder to start over than it is to KEEP GOING. xoxo A


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    :flowerforyou: Welcome. :D
  • Awesome! so glad to see another person who is typing from their igloo! add me if you want the motivation, as long as you return the favor, we will be best pals, like the fox and the hound......or UP, or the lion king...why are all kids movies sad :neutral_face:
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    Any country that was behind the development of the sport of contemporary ice hockey is awesome in my book!! Welcome from down south! :)
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    Husband and Father from Alberta Canada here. GL in your fitness journey.
  • pissymissy323
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    Glad to see some Canadians , been off for a long time need some motivating Canadian friends
  • prettyface55
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    Canadian here ehhh
  • daynerz
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    Canadian here to ehhhhhhh jus living in China for a bit
    Cheers eh I am from Ontario
  • daynerz
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    and I'm 22 , cool to see what you are studying, did you play hockey at all?
  • camper2022
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    G'day eh! I'm from friendly Manitoba! I'd love to be added as a friend :) Go Jets Go!!!
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    Heya! BC girl over here!
  • Arch799
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    east coaster living in ON here
  • Felfie
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    Hey , I am new here, I live in Ottawa Eh !
  • Hello new on here...I live in Florida now...but I'm a Canadian girl forever!!
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    Small town Alberta Canuck, pleased to make your acquaintance : )
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    Hey there I live in Alberta eh!! Great to see other Canadians here. Add me if you like and I will do the same. Looking for friends for motivation and learning.
  • Toque-wearing, poutine-loving Canuck here!
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    Hi Hi!! Toronto born and raised! Welcome!
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    Huge leaf fan here.... Southwestern Ontario.
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    I've been to Canada for the first time this year and love it. Loved it so much I went back again this month. I'm just getting back into being an active member and looking for others to motivate me and as well. Good Luck on your journey!!!
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    Hey, Vancouver Island here! Feel free to add me, I'm on here pretty much everyday and always looking for more supportive friends to keep each other motivated!