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Hi everyone,
I just bought a Fitbit flex yesterday. It is syncing properly (and I can see all my activity etc on the app on my iPhone) but doesn't light up when it's on my wrist. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?


  • handyandy9x
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    It doesn't light up all the time.... if you tap it a couple of times it will light and show up your steps.... as long as you don't tap it and put it to sleep!!
  • daw0518
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    As ^^ said, double tap it & it will light up! You can do that to check your progress depending on your goal. If it's 10,000 steps a day, then every dot will equal 2,000 steps, & it will vibrate & light up when you reach your goal. You can also tap it rapidly to put it in sleep mode, if you're tracking sleep. Otherwise, it doesn't light up all the time, it just silently tracks your steps. :smiley:
  • mrskristinlang
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    Okay thank you! Works now, I was pressing on it twice, but the light tap worked :)