Hello! Today is my Day One...again

Hello to all. I wanted to introduce myself quickly. I'm Stephanie, a mom of 3 grown children and recently separated after a long marriage. I eat well and have always been health conscious. I used to stay very fit through a regular exercise routine, however when life interrupted I never got back to it. People tell me I look fit, but I'm just... not. I have no energy and an hour long walk will send me to the medicine cabinet for ibuprofen because of soreness (and a right knee that obviously hates me. Lol). The biggest thing is that I KNOW I am not taking care of my body the way it needs, and that has been disheartening, but I've had a wake up call and today that changes. My first goal for today was to log on to this site and help myself get enough focus on this to last me throughout the day. Done! Now I'll get ready, go to work, eat well and drink lots of water, and I **will** work out. I'm very happy to have found this community. I hope to gain friends here and give support as well as receive it. So, hello myFitnessPal community!!!


  • pinkiezoom
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    Hello Stephanie and welcome. Feel free to add me x
  • JenLosesIt
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    Hello Stephanie! I have quite a bit to lose so ill be around mfp for awhile :D feel free to add me! What age are your kids? I have a 19 & 16 year old boys.
  • ajalcazar84
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    Hello, Stephanie! Welcome, and glad to see you. I have 4 children and they are all still young, my oldest 12. Feel free to add me as I know I need the help and motivation.
  • Lorri127
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    Hey Stephanie! I'm back on here again too after a divorce with my husband of 20 years... we've been apart almost 2 years now and I'm feeling GREAT and ready to get this body feeling great again too! Let's all help each other. I find that MFP works to much better when there are "friends" helping each other out. I've got about 50+ pounds to lose, no kids but a couple auto-immune diseases... I need help and encouragement too. WE CAN DO THIS!! This is "No Excuse November!" :) Feel free to add me as well... any of you.
  • drcain
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    Danielle here....

    It's my day one as well...AGAIN! Normally I would say that it is my last "day one" but that isn't realistic. Feel free to add me if you would like.
    I am a mom to 2 kids and 2 bonus kids, wife to a wonderful man, full time employee (with a small side job) and I foster for a local animal rescue so I am always busy. It is time to make time for ME!!
  • You all (my Texas coming through) can add me. I'm back again too. The first time I had good success thanks to the support, motivation, and inspiration. thanks guys
  • beckyjopdx
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    hi! I divorced 5 years ago, and also have 3 at home. :D and my right leg pronates so my right knee is wonky too. read: I look like a goofy ostrich when I run. lol. totally new again here and trying to be more selfish, in a good way. :D I'll add you!
  • Hi Stephanie, I'm new today too, I'm hoping to gain motivation, it's something I struggle with..
  • Jrdswife904
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    Today is my return to day 1 too!! Feel free to add me :)
  • Lieslll
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    It's my day one again too... need to set some time aside for myself.
    My oldest is 12 and feel free to add me as a fitness pal.
  • ShelbyGale13
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    Today is third day one for me and I'm ready to crack down and start the process right. Anyone is welcome to add me as long as you're motvating!
  • GryffynsMom
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    My day one again too! Turning 50 this year and need to take control of my health. Weight will always be a battle for me, but determined to keep trying...again...and again!
  • handyrunner
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    Ive been up and down myself lately..(mostly up)...anyone can add me if they want!!!
  • brookeskarda
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    Hey its my 'day one' again too! Let's all start (again) new and help each other - anyone can add me. Let's go!
  • Annr
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    this is my 24th day...woohooo. Welcome to the amazing world of logging, venting and being accountable! You can add me, if ya wanna.
  • Feel free to add me :) I just joined for the second time. I definitely need to keep motivated this time around. We are all here for one reason.... to feel better and healthier! Why not support one another in the process? To me, encouraging others helps me keep on track. Anyone feel free to add me!