Best Fitness Trackers?

I'm planning on buying some sort of fitness tracker. I wanted to know which one people think are best or which one they personally like.

I would like one that is easy to wear all day. I'm thinking of getting a wrist band type, but I'm open-minded about getting a different type. Something subtle I can wear at work.

I want it to conveniently sync in to my computer or whatever app as a record or my exercises during the day. I would prefer a type that automatically does that 24 hours.

I'd also like it to count the calories burnt while jogging each day and to keep track of my heart rate.

The ones I'm considering so far:

Up by Jawbone

Nike+ Fuelband SE


If anyone has any complaints for the one they're using right now, let me know.


  • MikeInAZ
    MikeInAZ Posts: 483 Member
    Stay away from the Nike. They have discontinued it. I have the 1st Gen fuel band and it's guaranteed to break every 6 months. It gives no real or meaningful data.

    The Fitbit just tells you steps, distance/stairs and calories. The calories are pretty inaccurate. In fact all the fitness trackers are inaccurate. A lot of people lose the Fitbit. My neighbor lost his in about a week.

    The Up may offer the best choice in the future since they bought Body Media (which is probably the most accurate one out there). But they haven't integrated any of the Body Media features yet. They may never.

    I'm a big fan of using a Heart Rate Monitor. I personally use the Polar H7 with the DigiFit App (which syncs with MyFitnessPal). I get calories burned with more accuracy and shows me what my Heart is doing, tracks by GPS and gives me a lot of meaningful data.

    I have a Nike Fuel which I'm waiting for it to die (it will eventually, they all do). When it does I think I will get the Polar Loop which can sync with the H7. I like the fact that the Loop has a display on it so I don't need to whip out my phone to see my stats.

    A lot of people like the Garmin Vivofit (and now the Vivo Smart). There is also an optional Heart Rate Monitor for the Garmin.

    Check out these devices I think you will find there are better options than what you've looked at:

    Polar H7 -
    Polar Loop -
    Garmin Vivofit -
    DigitFit -

    Also, check out the Facebook group - "Battle of the Fitness Bands", where all these and more are discussed and reviewed -
  • lilyann001
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    Thanks Mike! I will definitely look into all the fitness gadgets you recommend.
  • shadow2soul
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    I have a fitbit and the calorie estimate isn't too far off from what I estimate my TDEE to be around (based on loss vs intake data). However, I manually log a lot of workouts using calories from a HRM.

    Fitbit has 2 new trackers coming out next year. Both will have a HRM function built in. Probably won't be as accurate as a HRM with chest strap, but probably better than none at all. I'm thinking about getting the more expensive one (Surge), since it will look like a watch, rated 5 ATM water resistance, have gps, HR, and a few other interesting features.