Should I wear a bikini? How do I look?



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    Good for you having the courage to put yourself out there like that! I started at around 165 and when I saw the pics I was like wow she carries her weight just like I do. That being said I'm at 148lbs today and I still wouldn't feel confident wearing that to the beach (again kudos for posting those pics, I have some but don't have that kind of self confidence yet) I wear a bikini top but I think Jennloella is right about the bottoms. I usually go for a short skirt bottom that covers that lower belly more. Or at least a bottom that is a little more covering. I keep telling myself 135 is the magic number for my little red bikini. Either way you look fantastic and great job so far!
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    I think you look good. However, I think the bottom is too small for you. It doesn't look like it fits properly. I would go up a size, and possibly to a different bottom with a higher waist. Although it looks fine while standing, when you sit down, your belly is going to hang over the suit bottom. Personally, I would not be comfortable with that. I would go with something with a high enough waist to cover the "fupa" area.
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    Yes OP I know you can rock a bikini.
  • I agree with most of this thread in that, the top looks fine, but the bottoms are too small.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new photos in a month or two :)
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    How do you stand sideways like that? You must do Crossfit.
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    Tanie98 wrote: »
    Girrl, you go out and just have fun at the beach and wear that bikini! You strut like you don't care, because it doesn't matter what others think.seriously, just wear your bikini, and have fun :)

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    Rocking a bikini is has a lot to do with confidence and comfort. Kudos to you. I agree with others, size up on the bottoms.
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    You're beautiful, look awesome, size up on the bottoms and your figure that you have worked so hard for will be accentuated.
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    Agreed with bigger bottoms, and the same colour as the top IMO
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    Personally i think you look great, your skin is nice and tight and smooth, the top looks great the bottoms could be changed though. Way to go keep up the good work :smile:
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    headofphat wrote: »
    How do you stand sideways like that? You must do Crossfit.


    You look cute but I would agree that a different bottom would likely look better. Bottom line though is that you need to find something that you are comfortable in. That way you feel self-assured when you are at the beach/pool. I've never worn a bikini and likely never will, simply because I'm too self-conscious. But if it makes you feel good, do it :smile:
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    I don't understand what you are asking. Yu are wearing a bikini and obviously feel comfortable in it since you posted pics on the internet. Walking on a beach compared to that should be nbd. Go outside a play in the sun girl
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    I say who cares what anyone thinks. Its about how you feel. I think you look adorable. You have to be comfortable wearing it though. Rock it with confidence.
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    If I looked like you, I'd wear that bikini every day with a big smile on my face! Never mind that it's November!
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    I vote yes.
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    Easy guide for choosing appropriate clothes suitable for your body type:

    1. Pick an outfit.
    2. Decide if you're comfortable in it.
    3. If yes, keep the outfit and rock the hell out of it.
    4. If no, try again and start from step 1.

    I personally think you look hella cute as it is, but what you think of yourself trumps my opinion.
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    I think you look cute, but I'm not crazy about the bottoms. Maybe it's the "mom" in me but they look pretty skimpy. Sometimes showing less skin isn't such a bad thing lolol.
    I love the top but the bottom isn't very flattering. I think it's hard to pull off a bottom like that - no matter how much you weigh
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    If you're comfortable, you should wear it. I have a pic in my profile pics of me in a bikini this summer. I didn't have the best body on the beach but I was comfortable so I called it good!
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    I have the same stats as you and I personally wouldn't but if you're comfortable, go for it. I'm guessing you're not that comfortable if you're asking for opinions though.
  • You look great! It's all about how you feel!