Hello newbie here...

I have never been on this site before but I have been on others.
I get frustrated at when I reach that point where no other weight loss is in sight.
That week after the first 10 or so pounds have come off and you keep weighing yourself and the scale never changes. :s
This happens and I give up and go back to what's easy.
Easy to make food is so quick and less Expensive than fresh food and portion control.
My sister and her two young boys also live here and they are fond of sweets, so I can't even get the stuff out of the house.
My weight though is starting to effect my work, I am tired of going a few feet and feeling out of breath and sweeting like I just ran a mile.
I want to be able to play with my nephews outside for more than 10 minutes.
So I have decided it's time to get real and do whatever it takes to get fit. :D
If you have any tips feel free to drop me a line.
I have over 200lbs to lose so I have a feeling I will be here for awhile.
I look forward to making new friends.


  • luzquick
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    Welcome! I am new here also. I enjoy reading through a lot of the different posts. It is hard when weight loss stalls. I try to think more along the lines of eating healthy whole foods and doing light exercise. The weight will follow eventually. I am a sugar lover - that is my downfall. I have a hard time with that also because my husband has a lot of that stuff in the house and it is always calling my name.
  • connieelaine24
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    Yes, I know its easy to get frustrated and give up when you don't see the scale moving quickly. I've felt that way oh too many times. I read all your reason's that make weight loss hard for you, and your right all those things are tough challenges and its damn hard. This is truly a life long journey and a new way of living. There is not really an end, I use to think I'd reach the end and it would be over.. but even if I lose every lb I want, its never going to be over. I'll always need to pay attention to what I eat and make sure move or I'll just be right back to where I started. Even if your scale doesn't move gauge your success on how you feel. Can you stand longer, can you walk further.. Also make sure your thyroid is working properly. Your going to have times where your diet isn't perfect and when you don't really want to move.. its not the end of the world and you didn't fail, the only way you can truly fail is if you give up.. so don't! and if you don't give up it will get easier little by little... don't look at the finish line just look your choice right now. I try to tell myself Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels. Good luck!
  • Welcome! You will find lots of inspiration and ideas - keep going. One day at a time.
  • andreavan28
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    My life saver when I started dieting was the arc trainer and swimming classes big hence on the swimming. It was hard I would get off that arc trainer feeling like death might be coming. I also had to learn to not eat anything after dinner, because you do not want your body sleeping on a full tummy. I started out slow still eating the foods that I liked just in less portions to fit my calorie allowance, and was at the gym swimming and using the arc trainer once a week. I always tell one of my close friends in my opinion when you start a diet off going super hard it always crashes and burns, you get burnt out, you have to work up to it. took me 9 months but I have worked up to 4 days a week at the gym and a diet with no red meat and or fattening snacks. You have to feel good about the things that your doing. Good luck and just focus on today :)
  • Hi, I just joined.
  • RebelDiamond
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    When I was living with my parents they constantly had junk food around and it was really hard for me. So my sister and I "put our foot down" and insisted that they either stop buying it or they keep it out of view/hidden so that the temptation isn't there.

    Now that she and I live out of our parents home, we actually don't keep junk food in the house, and if we want it for a "cheat meal" we buy it specifically and in small quantities and I've even noticed my desire for it has diminished. It really does help.

    Secondly, having a "partner" to support in the healthy lifestyle thing is the best help! Try and get your sister to make the changes with you and you'll find it sooo much easier :smiley:
  • gossett331
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    Thanks for all the great advice so far, and the warm welcome. I know this will be a long and hard road but with the support of others it really helps.