2 new victories

2014 has been a rough year for me, weight-wise. I got to a great low-point on the scale in January/February/March, but then I went kind of up and down several times (mostly up) until about August. In September, I finally admitted to myself that I really truly couldn't fit into the jeans I had bought in January (which were tight, then). Bummer! At first I thought that I'd just take another serious stab at loosing weight again so that I didn't have to buy bigger jeans. But I realized that although I should still try for more weight-loss again, I should also just relax a bit and buy the next size up and save the January-jeans for when they truly fit again.

Which was this week! :)

And even better: I went to the doctor today and my BMI is OFFICIALLY less than 30, now. I'm not obese anymore! :)

I've lost about 85 lbs, so far, but I'm REALLY hoping to lose 30 more. We'll see... Little bits at a time.

I still have another pair of jeans that I bought in January that were intentionally a size too small, then. So that's my next mini-goal. Hopefully the holidays don't get too much in the way!


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