Help me out - recommend a fish!



  • Blacklance36
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    Go for some fresh halibut. It does not have a strong fishy taste and is tender, delicious, low on calories and high in protein.
  • glassgallm
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    Salmon! Tilapia tastes like mud to me. For white fish, cod or haddock. Shrimp anytime.
  • Corjogo
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    Make sure you are tasting "fishy" as opposed to smelling "fishy" - make sure the fish is absolutely fresh. check the Internet for "mild tasting fish
  • Debbjones
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    I consume Tilapia, Swai or any form of white fish every day. I purchase it in bulk, frozen from Walmart or any grocer. My favorite way to prepare the fish is to saute an onion in a fry pan using PAM. I add a flavored tea (Passion fruit is my favorite) for additional moisture and to help the onion caramelize. Then I add the fish and a little more tea for moisture to prevent it from sticking to the pan and season to taste. The tea adds an element of sweetness to the onion and fish. I just love it!
  • nuvimi
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    I personally hate tilapia. It's such a nothing fish - no flavor, super thin filets, overly firm texture. Pretty much any other choice of fish is a better one to me.
  • feralkitten1010
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    Cod is an easy fish to bake. Add some salt and pepper (I add lots of pepper) and then stick it in the oven.
  • HaggisWhisperer
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    I like monkfish tail - I season a single portion skinless piece with pepper, wrap in a slice of parma ham, place in an overproof dish then drizzle over a little olive oil and lemon juice. Roast for about 20-25 mins at 180 C. Monkfish can be a bit pricy, but this works with other white fish as well like cod etc.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Grilled swordfish. Season lightly, place on screaming hot grill pan for about 2 min ea side and eat. It should be med - medium rare. Don't overcook it or it will be too dry.
  • glevinso
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    I love swordfish, but I wouldn't call it mild tasting at all. It is one of the few fish that rally does have a fishy flavor of its own.
  • rrabe78
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    Swai is inexpensive and very mild. I will usually bake it with some seasoning or occasionally pan fry it. We actually refer to it as "miracle fish" at my house because a group of non-fish-eating teens ate it and asked for more.
  • _John_
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    Bluegill, Red Eared Sunfish, Crappie, Black Bass, White Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Striped Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Yellow Bass.

    All mild flavored fish and native to 'murica. (And don't give me that hybrid striped bass is "unnatural" as that fish happened all the time before lakes like Santee Cooper in SC had dams...)
  • LazyFoodie
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    I believe Swai and basa (brand name for swai?) are just catfish from Vietnam. I use swai for this catfish recipes and it has a very mild fish taste.

    While salmon does have a strong-ish flavor, I think it is different than the normal fishy flavor. My husband who does not like very fishy tasting fish loves salmon so you might want to try it out. We use spray some Pam on some foil (not necessary if you cook it with the skin on and don't mind the skin sticking) and bake in the oven with garlic salt and pepper on the fish.
  • SKME2013
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    "Mahi Mahi" from Costco
  • mitch16
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    I personally like haddock or Alaskan pollock. Check your sources and try to buy as local/sustainable as possible.

    Be very careful with farmed tilapia from Asia--they are raised in what amounts to cesspools.
  • RosieWest8
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    I was going to say Crappie -- it's the best fish I've had for a fish fry. However I don't know that you'll find this in a store really....I've always just mooched off of the fishermen in my family, lol.

    You could try:
    Rainbow Trout

    Something like Arctic Char looks like Salmon but is less 'fishy' as it contains less oil.

  • Jessalynn54
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    Italian dressing!!! Frozen section have done Mahi, tilapia, and flounder so far. I marinate over night and bake in oven, nephew that doesn't like fish gobbled it up and then asked me what it was. My dad says if you use lite Italian it has a zestier taste, haven't tried that yet.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    glevinso wrote: »
    I love swordfish, but I wouldn't call it mild tasting at all. It is one of the few fish that rally does have a fishy flavor of its own.

    Much like tuna, I've only found that to be true when it's overcooked.
  • epido
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    I am not a tilapia fan. Every so often, I still try, but it always seems to taste "muddy" to me - like it's been sitting in a pan of dirt. Cod is ok, and so is halibut. My favorites though, are salmon and walleye. I like them grilled, especially on a cedar plank.
  • wamydia
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    I love the tilapia with lemon pepper seasoning. Season with as much as you like, then wrap it in aluminum with a little bit of butter. Bake it in the oven until it is flakey and you're all done.

    I do prefer to get the tilapia out of the "fresh" seafood case when that is an option. I know it isn't truly fresh like right out of the water, but I think it is less fishy than when I buy it in the frozen packs.
  • hill8570
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    Tilapia is sorta the fish equivalent of tofu -- it's so tasteless it basically takes on the taste of whatever seasonings you use. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it affects how you want to prepare it. Skinnytaste has some good tilapia recipes. For straight fish (or at most lightly seasoned), give me salmon or mahi mahi (or, my personal favorite, monkfish).