My 1 Year Fitversary

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Today it has been 1 year since I began this fantastic fitness journey. I didn’t realize that my journey was to get fit and be strong—I thought it was just to lose weight and look good. Somewhere between Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and my surprise Half Marathon a couple days ago, somewhere during the Color Run, or the weightlifting at 4:30 am, or the Mud Run I did with my 13 year old daughter, or the surfing I did with both my daughters over the summer, or the Ragnar Trail Relay I did in October, it started being about being able to DO more, not just weigh less. I learned that I still absolutely love being able to challenge myself physically.
I was always an athlete growing up, but adult life happened, 25+ years went by, and I found myself fat and lazy and constantly in a general state of disrepair. I looked like I did not care about myself at all, and I pretty much acted like that health-wise as well.
One year ago today that changed. I stopped eating without care, and then I started moving around more. By early February, I had gone from 203lbs to 176lbs doing 30DS and then Ripped in 30. I started to get bored with my routine at that point, but still wasn’t the weight I wanted to be. People were starting to notice though, that I had lost weight, and I started wearing clothes that fit me better, and makeup and jewelry too. So I felt like I couldn’t quit—had to find something else to keep me on the right track. So I started weightlifting—in the free weight section with the Stronglifts program. In hindsight, I think this really kick started my competitive juices again by stoking my desire to lift heavier and heavier. Soon, someone said they were doing a local Mud Run, and suggested that a few friends and I do it too. I suddenly found myself training for something again, and I LOVED it.
From that point on, the way I look and the way I look at things has changed. I am no longer busy driving my kids to soccer practice and baking all the goodies I can find on Pinterest (there are a LOT of those goodies!!). My time is now spent running and surfing and lifting, and trying on clothes, fixing my hair, and putting on makeup. In other words –my time is now spent on me. I’ve still got a husband, 3 kids, a full time job, and a house to help take care of, but now I come first. I let other people help if they offer, and if the kids have to buy lunch once a week, then so be it—not missing out on my time for the sake of a homemade lunch for them. In the long run, I am teaching them to take care of themselves in more ways than one.
It has been one of the best years of my life. I am not stopping here. In 2015, I will be running more Halfs, more trails, surfing more, and hopefully doing my first triathlon. My 2 year “fitversary” post is going to be even better!





  • bebenevaeh
    bebenevaeh Posts: 65 Member
    Amazing job!!
  • Dawmelvan
    Dawmelvan Posts: 133 Member
    Very inspiring, thank you!
  • JourneyToWonderWoman
    Happy Fitversary! You're an inspiration, and you look fabulous!
  • MKEgal
    MKEgal Posts: 3,250 Member
    Wow! Good job. You look great.
    You and your daughters look happy, healthy, & pretty.

  • blankiefinder
    blankiefinder Posts: 3,599 Member
    Amazing transformation!!! You should be very proud!
  • rferrar1
    rferrar1 Posts: 17 Member
    Absolutely amazing!!
  • oddyogi
    oddyogi Posts: 1,816 Member
    you've done awesome! you are lookin' so fit! :)
  • HugeBum
    HugeBum Posts: 47 Member
    Oh wow you look AMAZING!
  • VictoriaS57
    VictoriaS57 Posts: 47 Member
    You've created a whole new you, all the way around. AND set your girls on the path for a happy, active, healthy life, too. Congratulations!
  • marciebrian
    marciebrian Posts: 853 Member
    WOW! You look like a whole different person. Fantastic what you've done for yourself. Congratulations! ;)
  • AniLandSmiles
    AniLandSmiles Posts: 89 Member
    My eyes just about popped out of my head! You've done amazing things, and it shows! You're gorgeous and you look so healthy. I mean, look at those guns!!!!!
  • Angurla
    Angurla Posts: 159 Member
    Great job
  • farfromthetree
    farfromthetree Posts: 982 Member
    wow!! This is an amazing transformation! I am so with you on how it turned from a weight loss thing to a strength and fitness thing!! You look happy, healthy and strong! Congratulations...a great role model for your kids :)
  • BrittTomore87
    BrittTomore87 Posts: 37 Member
    this is amazing! Truly inspirational to see how far you have come and how strong you look!
  • chesnity3
    chesnity3 Posts: 960 Member
    Great job! Total inspiration!
  • futureformerfatgirl2014
    Amazing! Great work!
  • each_day_stronger
    each_day_stronger Posts: 191 Member
    Amazing success story! :) I'm curious what (if any) dietary changes helped you? Thanks for inspiring!
  • Edie30
    Edie30 Posts: 216
    Gosh you're story could be mine! We were like russian athletes growing up then life got in the way and although fairly sporty still there were times of nothing and times of fat and sporty!! I think it's a common story because you get so involved in doing everything for your family and nothing for yourself! Look at you now you hottie!!! Your story made me smile. You made it :-) x
  • Edie30
    Edie30 Posts: 216
    Oh and.... Amazing job in 1 year :-)
  • elizabeth_2014
    elizabeth_2014 Posts: 17 Member
    You look incredible! You can certainly tell that you are caring more about yourself & happier in your life. Happy 1 year anniversary!
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