Tattoos with weight loss?

Okay, if you do not like tattoos or anything of the sort please click out now. Greatly appreciated

Hello, my starting weight was 180 and I am not 150. I currently want to loss 15 more pound and tone up. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time now but was hindered by the thought of the tattoo getting distorted during my weight loss. The tattoo would be on my inner forearm.
Sooo, Do you think that if I were to get the tattoo while losing the 15 pounds, would it get distorted?
(Please people with tattoos)


  • SexyKatherine73
    SexyKatherine73 Posts: 221 Member quick google and this is what I found unless its fine lines you'll be fine
  • vamaena
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    It's not noticeable in my pictures but I'm pretty heavily tattooed. So far I'm down 52 lbs and they haven't distorted, they seem just as good as ever. I do have a small tattoo on my inner forearm and so far it's fine, if anything it looks better than before. The color seems to have gotten more intense which makes it pop more. All that being said, I can't promise that the exact same thing would happen to you. Everyone's different and the way their skin bounces back is also different. Chances are with 15lbs to lose it won't get distorted if you lose the weight slowly. If you're that concerned about it then maybe it would be best to wait until you reach your goal? Or until you have about 5lbs left?
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    The biggest factor in how much tattoos will distort is the age of the skin at the time of the tattoo. Young tight skin is more likely to loosen with age. Already aged skin is less likely to stretch drastically. BUT each person is different so ymmv.

    My dad was a tattoo artist for over 2 decades and the worst stretching i have ever seen was abdominal tattoos on women who had children afterwards. Just put thought into where you want them. Calves and forearms are generally safe places.

    I have an inner forearm tattoo that i got about 10 years ago. My weight has fluctuated up and down 60 pounds or more and it always looks the same.
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    I lost 100lbs and did not have any issues with my Ink getting funky. Drink plenty of water that helps with skin elasticity
  • I've never had a problem with my tattoos getting distorted with gaining or losing weight. I have one on my inner forearm and it looks the same besides the minimal color fade from having it for years.
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    You won't have any issues with that little amount of weight loss and that location of your tattoo.
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    I'm so excited to see this. I've been wondering the same thing.
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    Given the location and the weight loss, like a pp said there won't be distortion.
    I have writing on my lower right back near the hip area which was probably the most likely of mine to have problems and it is not distorted through weight loss, pregnancy, weight gain, and now weight loss again.
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    All skin is different. I doubt losing weight will cause it to distort..especially on your forearm.

    My skin sucks. I have a tattoo on my right side that distorted due to stretch marks by my hips during pregnancy. I kept hydrated, used lotions and oils..all of that. The lines were so nice and clean before. Oddly enough leaf on the part of my stomach that stretched the most didn't distort at all. Skin changes are always a gamble when it comes to tattoos. Even with mine looking the way it does, I would still get the tattoo again.


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    My tattoos still look good after I ballooned up and went down.
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    jrline wrote: »
    Drink plenty of water that helps with skin elasticity

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    15lbs on your arm should be a problem. But yeah, I have one on my hip that became all blurry after 3 pregnancies and well, it's now 16 years old.
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    amf0324 wrote: »
    jrline wrote: »
    Drink plenty of water that helps with skin elasticity


    Yes really…
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    This is my first tattoo. I was 95-97 lbs when I got it. I gained exactly 111 lbs since getting it and due to my skin stretching, the location has shifted a bit but tattoo looks the same.


    This is the second tattoo I got. I was roughly 120 lbs when I got it. I gained over 60 lbs after getting it and the tattoo still looks the same.


    My third tattoo is on the back of my neck and I got it after I gained about 80 lbs. I did gain some weight after getting it but because of the location it wasn't affected.

    Due to the location of the tattoo you are planning on getting and the small amount of weight you want to lose, the tattoo most likely won't become distorted if you get it now.
  • Inshape13
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    I lost 102lbs at my highest loss and am currently at 82lbs down, I did not see any difference in mine, but they weren't on any part of the body that had stretched skin either. I always wondered about that.