Eating during the holidays



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    I share this concern. 4 parties the 1st week December, going to NYC for my bday the 2nd week, and more open houses/receptions all the way through. My husband and I share both our birthdays, our anniversary, Christmas and New Years all in a 3-week span. And we celebrate it all!

    Like others, I don't worry about the actual holiday meals. Those aren't overboard in my family anyway. It's all the other events that throw off a healthy routine. I don't know what happened to Emily Post's "it's impolite to occupy the dinner hour without offering dinner." I cannot make a dinner of cocktail food, and it's best for me not to try. My best defense is to eat before I go, or at least have carrots & celery in the car on the way. If I'm a little hungry when I arrive, I'll be ravenous after a glass of wine.

    Ah, about the wine..... I don't have a strategy for that. My husband is really fun at a party, too, so if he is there, chances are I'll be having more than one glass. I normally reserve wine for weekends only, but I'll end up drinking during the week every week all December. I don't double down on exercise, but I do feel an imperative to stick to the routine I have. Cheers!
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    I'm planning on eating how I normally do. But on Thanksgiving and Christmas I'll be eating closer to maintenance.

    I'm not a drinker so I don't have to worry about calories from alcohol. However, if you do drink, limit yourself to a glass or two. It's all about moderation after all.

    Eat something small before you go to holiday parties. That way you aren't ravenous when you arrive and consequently eat everything in sight.

    Enjoy yourself. The holidays only happen once a year.

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    i plan to release all inhibitions on thanksgiving and xmas. i'm a sucker for holidays and really get into them so i'm not going to beat myself up. as for events, i will *try* but not try too hard... today is a company thanksgiving potluck lunch and i'm going to attempt a new plan of action: i used to be a picky eater several years ago so i'm going to employ the "would i have eaten this when i was 16?" tactic and that might save me on a lot of calories but will still allow leeway. 'cause i'll freakin' eat anything now...
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    I will be eating and logging and moving on. I'm with cwolfman13 on this. Just because it's the holidays it's not reason to go crazy and binge every day. On the actual day that there's something I plan on eating in moderation. For instance, Christmas Eve my family has always gone to an all you can eat chinese buffet. I'll still go but I plan on having smaller portions and staying away from things that I know I could do without (breaded chicken wings for instance). This is still like any other time of the year and I don't plan on treating it any differently.
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    I'm going to eat whatever I want on actual Thanksgiving and Christmas! Other than that I'll be eating like I am now to keep losing weight :smile: Don't want to deprive myself of anything especially on a holiday.
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    I will be staying on track the entire holiday season, except for the actually holiday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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    I'm actually planning on losing weight pretty aggressively while still allowing myself a few days of unfettered, glorious overindulgence.

    Thanksgiving and the day after
    Christmas eve, Christmas, and the day after (wife's bday)
    New Year's Eve dinner

    Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I had planned to be lower in weight in order to enjoy December as a zero sum month to accommodate all the holiday goodies. But I didn't make that happen and I want to finally hit good old onderland by the beginning of 2015, so it's going to be a weight loss working holiday. Which is fine. I've lost during the Christmas season before by adopting some really good, Christmasy treats that are lower in calories but still help me feel like I'm indulging in the tastes of the season.
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    Since I'm in Canada, we have a little more breathing room between Thanksgiving and Christmas - can I get a hallelujah ?? o:) - but for my family, Christmas is when we get to see everyone and everyone goes to my parents house and we celebrate together, play games, watch movies, sit around and talk until 3 in the morning potentially finishing a bottle or two of wine, it's my absolute favourite time of year and I love seeing my family so I am going to enjoy every single moment of it. I will still continue my workouts and gym time (which is usually in the morning, anyways) and spend time with my family. I love all the food my mom and grandma make so definitely not turning that down.

    It comes once a year, and for me it's a special time of year so I'm enjoying it to the max. Everyone deserves a break every now and then.
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    My plan: indulge on the actual day and not bring any leftover desserts home.
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    Try taking the focus off food and put it on something else, like spending time with family and friends who you may not see on a regular basis. As a kid growing up, my mom used to plan Thanksgiving dinner around Easter time... and Christmas dinner around the 4th of July and when the actual holidays came there was food, food, and more food. Why? Why does every occasion have to involve an over abundance of food? Why can't people just socialize and enjoy each others' company? With that being said, I plan on enjoying a glass or two of wine, or perhaps a craft beer (or two)... will have some turkey and what ever vegies there is... and let it go at that. Interestingly enough, this is how I eat every day (may substitute chicken or fish for the turkey)... and yes, I do have a glass of wine or a beer every day... and I've managed to lose one whole person in the process. I find that focusing on what kind of food there will be and how I will manage to eat it (or not eat it) is really setting myself up for disaster. I am focusing on seeing my newborn grandson (who was born on my birthday!) and spending time with his 6 year old brother... and spending time with my new daughter-in-law and enjoying getting to know her family...
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    @acorsaut, many of my Canadian friends celebrate Canadian AND American Thanksgivings, so for them, it does come more than once a year! Have fun with your family!
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    I believe in moderation and all that jazz.

    But I'll be honest. My normal eating "plan" is to fit in a treat just about every day, balancing it with the most nutritional bang for my buck foods...I am NOT a low carb eater, but I wind up typically eating a lot of vegetables, protein, and small amounts of bread/rice/etc, so that I can fit in chocolate, ice cream, or a cupcake or whatever. It's very important to me to be able to have those "treats".

    So basically for the holidays I will allow myself to have the treats, but will not eat much else. Yes it's a bad idea. But it works for me. I may have a day where I eat a few slices of turkey, 4-5 pieces of pie and a cup of coffee. Or a bunch of my mom's fudge and some wine, with 1/2 cup of soup. I will be within calories on every day. I just won't be eating as healthfully as I normally strive to.

    I know this is dumb, but it's 3-4 days of the year so I just thought I'd share my slightly different approach ;-)
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    So basically for the holidays I will allow myself to have the treats, but will not eat much else. Yes it's a bad idea.
    I know this is dumb...

    It's neither a bad idea, nor dumb. There are people who literally eat like that every day; now THAT's a bad, dumb idea. But you having a few days a year where you have "treats" as the majority of what you eat? That'll have no impact on your health.

    There are some people who who are very strict with their eating 5-6 days a week, who leave a day or two go buck wild, and they're perfectly healthy.
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    Pre-logging is my best friend, as well as eating at maintenance. I already have a general idea of what I will be having for Thanksgiving, so I already logged my food and played around with the portion sizes so that I still have a little taste of everything. For about 88g of carbs and 780 calories, I'll have a Thanksgiving dinner that is very satisfying and won't spike me up to 300 right after -and I'll have enough calories for a largish breakfast and hot chocolate for dessert.
  • I plan on still doing what I do every day since I changed my lifestyle. For Thanksgiving, I am obsessed with stuffing so I am making mashed cauliflower and brussel sprouts for sides so I can still indulge in stuffing, turkey and gravy for the main event. For holiday parties, I will eat before we go and then try to find the healthiest thing on the buffet with a treat or two ie shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers and a cookie. I plan on just focusing on my friends and family and not worrying about anyone wondering what I am or am not eating. I find that most people focus on what I'm eating simply because I've lost 98lbs and there are others in my family that still wonder how I did it. It's kind of like having built in willpower when they're around, lol.
    This isn't to say I don't indulge, but since I haven't cut anything out of my diet ( I eat whatever I want as long as it fits within my calories), I don't feel deprived at all. In fact, In my house is currently a tin of Dansk butter cookies and some Silk egg nog :D.