Since my last log in, which has been quite a while ago, I have gained 10 lbs.!! I have got to do something NOW. I really need all the support and positive wishes, advice, and help, I can get!! Thank you very much! My MAIN problem is lack of exercise and eating too much after dinner!!!!


  • trigiola
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    Well, if it's been a long while ago, maybe 10 lbs was a gradual increase. So maybe you were not way off track but just a little each week or month. You can succeed the same way then by making a small adjustment in a positive direction.
    Eating too much after dinner - couple of ideas (sorry if it's old news). Drink a full glass or two of water. Then stop to think about that craving or hunger, did it weaken? If not, step 2 is eating some protein first before the thing you want which drops my interest (works for me but I'm not some medical or nutritional professional).
    - Another idea, do you brush and floss right after dinner? My lazy attitude makes me not want to spoil my just cleaned teeth with anything other than water. Maybe works for you. Otherwise, you have an excuse to eat again, but then you'll have to brush and floss again, what an annoying hassle!
    - Chug water - repeated this, because usually for me, especially in cold winter, I think I'm hungry when I just haven't drank enough water or am dehydrated from exercise or something.
    - Backup plan, if you have to consume a food, shoot for walnuts or sunflower seeds or something.
    - Backup plan 2 - water 2 full glasses, some turkey or other meat (not much) or protein, and walnuts and seeds all together. That's a lot of grub, but at least it's not bad for you.
    - Reminder: I'm not a professional
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    I feel ya, what I do is work out first thing in the morning, cuz if I wait till after work I just (even though I tell myself I will) I don't. About the eating part have dedicated snacks that you schedule to eat after dinner so to better not eat to much. (Oh you can add me if you'd like too)
  • Thank you!!!!
  • farfromthetree
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    I will stick to the after dinner thing since that was my problem!! Drink tea, take a hot bath, go to bed early, read a book. It's funny, on the days I exercise I eat less because there is less time to think about food. The days I skip the gym I find myself grazing more. Eventually you get used to not snacking after dinner, I promise!! Now I wonder how I slept with all that food in my belly.
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    I too love the positive energy and support that can be found here on MFP. Add me if you would like a new friend.
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    I also have to battle with snacking after dinner particularly if I'm working late. Cups of tea and finding a distraction (exercise, walking the dog etc..) work for me.

    Anyone feel free to add me