Doing it Again!

minsch Posts: 144 Member
I fell off the wagon for just about a year and gained 60lbs back! I have started again a couple of times only to find some excuse to eat a ton of calories. I have been on track for 10 days now so maybe just maybe I have my head back in the game! Thankfully I am still down 65lbs from my original weight but so mad at myself for gaining the 60! This time is a bit different thou....I had a heart procedure at the end of October and now I am scared to exercise. Trying to get my water in and stay at calories until doctor releases me. So now I am about 75lbs from my goal. I guess my "friends" dropped me on here when I stopped logging in. I need some new motivation.


  • lcouterm
    lcouterm Posts: 138 Member
    Well since April I've lost 60 so now I know where they went (^: If you want to add me I'd love to help you in your quest (if I can)
  • Lilith8984
    Lilith8984 Posts: 69 Member
    I will be more then happy to help motivate you!
    I am just getting back into the swing of things after falling off as well. I've learned that without the support there is no motivation.
    Feel free to add me!
  • beamer0821
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    welcome back. and go easy on yourself! don't beat yourself up! you're back at it now!
  • justtodayjen333
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    I'm doing it again too--for the last time! Add me if you would like a positive, active friend!