need to get my head in the game

hey folks,

I am trying to get back in the game--tired of having to buy bigger clothes and need to eat more healthily.


  • ankdworak
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    You can do this! Feel free to add me for support. ankdworak
  • librarydebster
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    We buy pre chopped veggies and take them out for snacks and meals. It's my successful way of getting more veggies, which to me was usually difficult.
  • Glad to see you getting back in the is a long journey but feel that at the end it is all well worth it......will be glad to add you as we can help with our struggles and our successes....
  • It can be hard to get back in the game but you can do it!!
  • justtodayjen333
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    I hear you! I'm ready to move in the right direction! Good luck!