Ever learning that its a good thing to take care of the body.

I am Michele, 57, grandmother of 13, mother of 4. Working PT after retiring from very stressful FT position. Was caregiver to mom, grandmother and they've gone to be with the Lord. Husband is disabled and has a PT caregiver as well. So... I am finally getting around to taking care of and learning to love myself after loving and taking care of others for decades. :)

Learning... finally, that its a good thing to take care of the body. So... First day came to an end and I did well... (grin)... of course, its the first day....


  • ThePhoenixIsRising
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    Congrats! The first day is important, without it we would never begin. Remember to be good to yourself. Speak kind words about yourself. Love you now and forever. Enjoy the changes and always look forward to your goals!
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  • ellie0213
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    Hey Michele! I'm 52 -- mom of 1 and gramma of 1. Congrats on your good first day. Sorry for your losses. Feel free to add me -- it is definitely time for us to take better car of ourselves!