Ladies over 30 with only 15-25 lbs to goal weight success?

Hi, i'm looking to hear success from ladies who are over 30 (i'm 35) with 15-25 lbs. to lose. What did you do and how did you lose it? I'm on day 4 of getting serious, I'm 160 and want to be to 140 by mid march or so, mid january if it was possible (not sure that is). I've eaten about 1300-1400 calories a day and done my T25 workout everyday (on week 4). Any tips and success for those with less to lose , but wanted to feel better and fit in their clothes would be awesome!


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    Hello - am in a very similar position to you (157lbs). Only just started taking this seriously too. Worked out my calories based on TDEE yesterday (1599) and I'm going to stick to that whilst running 3 times a week for 30 minutes (at the moment, will be adding to this). Sorry, can't help with a success story (yet!) but will be keeping an eye on this thread ..

  • I started using MFP 3 weeks ago with the aim of losing about 21lbs. I have stuck to it and found it really easy and am making sure I don't go over my calorie count each day (1200) but within that amount I am allowing myself little treats like a Kitkat as long as it doesn't take me over the 1200 calories. I have amazed myself with how effective it has been so far and have lost 9lbs in 3 weeks. In reply to you Carey I would say that if you want to lose weight don't rely on running as it can actually put weight on some people as the muscle starts to replace the fat so don't be surprised if running doesn't help much-it can help some people and not others with weight loss. I am feeling so good about myself now that my clothes are better fitting (in fact I'm going to buy some new trousers this weekend as the ones I've got on just now are too baggy now)-I never thought a simple app could be this effective!
  • I should have said that I am 36.
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    I am just over 30- I am 31. 5'7" and my starting weight was 160. In the beginning of September I started logging faithfully on MFP using the calorie guideline they set for me (1450 calories per day). My goal is 140 and I am only 2lbs away right now! I have only done sporadic exercising so I owe the weight loss almost solely to counting calories. If you stick with it you WILL see weight loss and it is very exciting. Good luck!
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    I am a bit older and started a bit heavier, but it can be done! I am 43, and weighed 169 on Aug. 7th. By November 11th I was -20 (would have hit it earlier but I lost a month to a severe cold). I'm down probably another 1.5 since then, and have reset my goal from 140, to 136 lbs. 11 lbs to go!!


    - Track your calories very carefully, there is no point in being less than honest with yourself, and it will help you figure out your real maintenance calories after, by adding up your calorie deficits (the built in deficit MFP gives you + any daily calorie deficits or surpluses you've had) and comparing it to pounds lost.
    - Weigh your food! And enter your own recipes, don't rely on mystery MFP entries.
    - only eat back half of exercise calories, and don't log stuff that you did when you were putting on the weight. You always cleaned your house, don't start logging it now!
    - Important - recalculate your goals every 5 lbs. Even if you aren't actually changing anything, it will recalculate your allowed calories and macros to reflect your weight loss.

    Good luck!!
  • Thanks, how many calories did you all eat? Did you set mfp to lose 1, 1.5 or 2 lbs per week. These are great successes! I'm 35, 36 in january. Today I stepped on scale and was159. I haven't weighed myself in 3 weeks and was happy with that because I think I was up to about 162/163 based on how clothes are feeling. I can only go down from here!
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    I set MFP to lose .5 lb per week as I didn't want to be restricted to 1200 calories, and then fail, and then get mad at myself, then stress, then eat, then fail... ;) but I worked out and only ate back part of my exercise calories, aiming to have a 250 calorie deficit (which added into my .5 lb MFP deficit would equal 1 lb a week). At 148 my daily calories are around 1450 to lose the .5

    Edited to add that MFP would not allow me to chose to lose more than 1 lb a week right now, as 1 lb per week would put me exactly at the 1200 calorie mark which is as low as it will allow.
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    33 here and originally wanted to lose 30... but I'm still not happy with my flabby body so Im trying to lose at least ten more and focus on toning up, which is proving to be way difficult. Its taken almost a year of eating 1200 calories a day, eating back my exersice calories, and screwing it all up quite often :-). I have a desk job... I've given up soday, and i try not to eat candy every single day anymore...but I fail alot there too!
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    I am 38, 5'5.5", 153 lbs. with a goal of 135. I am allowing myself 1450 calories and around half of my exercise calories to eat back. I am on week two of Turbofire (prep) and I am starting to feel energized again. I had went from 157 to 136 in 2012/2013 but then last December I had bunion surgery on both my feet and was laid up for three months and couldn't get back to my exercise for 6-8 months and I did a complete here we go again! I am hoping to incorporate some weight training in the near future as well. I drink plenty of water every day and try to avoid processed crappy food when I can. I realize that your body is a reflection of what you put into it but I also know that it is important to "give in" once in awhile to avoid a complete derailment. Good luck to all of us!!
  • Thanks all for the comments, good luck to all of you too. This week has been going fairly good. If you need a friend for motivation, friend me too and we can motivate each other.
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    I just turned 31 and am 5'5'' starting weight = 165lbs, started logging on MFP Nov 10, 2014 at 160lbs, goal is 130lbs by June 1, 2015....
    I am down 5 pounds since I started 2 weeks ago, I have it set to 1lb loss per week and inactive and it told me 1300kcals.
    I don't exercise at this point, and I average 1300/day over a week, not the same each day.

    I have no friends on MFP and I'm not sure what that means really but feel free to add me:)

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    33 and 155#. My goal is to hit 145#'s by my birthday in May, and 135#'s by october when I plan to compete. I have things set to lose .5#'s a week.
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    I set my goal to .5 pound per week. It took months, because the deficit was so small, but it was super easy to adjust my lifestyle to it. I was in no real hurry - it's not a race, it's my life, so I just took it easy and enjoyed myself. I don't intend on needing to do this again because I feel I've done it right the first time. I've been maintaining at goal weight for over three years now, and I'm confident I can keep maintaining. Good luck, OP! (*)

    P.S. I was 37, wanted to lose about 15, but ended up losing a few extra because when I first started maintenance it took a few weeks to figure out the calories I needed in order to not KEEP losing weight. (I just kept adding 100 calories every week until I got to where I leveled out.)
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    I'm in a similar boat as you. I'm 30, 5'8 and 166lbs (or less, I haven't weighed in a month). My goal is to lose 15-20lbs. I don't lose weight quickly because I don't eat at a big deficit. For me it's about inches and gaining strength. I'm eating about 2000/day, lifting weights for an hour 3 days/ week and cardio 2 days/week. I would recommend adding strength training if you haven't already. It makes a HUGE difference in making yourself look toned rather than skinny fluffy.
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    I'm 33 and 5'6". Right now I'm at 159. I have about 25 more lbs to go. I've lost about 18 pounds since right after labor day.

    I keep my diary public and post pretty regularly if you want to follow me! We can help each other :) I shoot for about 1300 calories on average per day (I average out of the week - usually my weekends are higher).

    I'm also doing T25 - in week 4 of Beta and it really makes a difference. At my current weight, my measurements are the same they were about 9 years ago at 145.
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    33 5'4" 1 pound away from first goal and 14 away from second goal. Add me if you'd like. I've lost 42 pounds. 1220 calories per day and eating back my work out of 200-400 per day.
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    35, 139(ish), 5'3". I lost all of my weight (so far) eating at TDEE-20% and following a heavy lifting program. I barely did any cardio, though I do now. I have lost almost 30 pounds, but it took me a year and a half to do it. I probably could have done it faster, but I like food. I made it work for my life. I don't starve and I don't restrict anything. I make my dietary choices fit within my calorie budget.

    My biggest piece of advice: be patient and try not to put a deadline on your weight loss.
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    I'm in a similar boat.. 32 years old, current weight is 167, would love to get down to 145. I'm hoping I can lose the extra pounds before trying for baby #2-- I'd rather be fit and active during my pregnancy. I am shooting for 1,300 calories a day, but am really just starting, so not sure if I'm on target. I've lost about 5 pounds so far (3 weeks). I did some reading about not only tracking calories.. but also your percentage of macro nutrients (fat, protein and carbs). I'm keeping my carbs down to 20-30% of my calories and aiming for 40-50% for protein and 30-40% for fat. Again.. I'm a newbie, but I've ready that paying attention to your macros can help your body lose weight and tone up more efficiently. Fingers crossed!
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    I am 37. 5'7. I started at 187. I'm down 18 and still have a few to go. I have been tracking everything. I exercise 3-4 times a a week and go usually have 1 day where I exceed my calories. But I try to keep it under control. I get 1200 calories a day so on days i know there is going to be a lot of calories in my future I gain a few hundred extra calories at the gym. Now I'm more focused on getting toned than the bottom line number. I say yes to good foods and no (more often) to bad foods.
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    I've been on mfp for about 4 years and was maintaining for about 2 years before I got pregnant. I'm 5'5", around 143lb and aiming for 125lb. I'm choosing to lose super slowly and average well over 2000kcal a day. I know I have higher maintenance kcals than the norm for my weight and I'm also breastfeeding, so I can lose and still eat a lot.

    When I first joined mfp I lost rapidly and I also became anaemic, which may or may not have been connected, so I'm not willing to rush. Plus, life is tough enough already, so I don't need the stress of a large deficit on top of it all.