Favorite junk foods? List them here!

Kit Kats are the snack of the GODS.

What's your favorite hunk food?


  • michael_m1989
    michael_m1989 Posts: 37 Member

    Man, give me a package of Oreo's and a glass of milk, I am out for the counting.
  • ana3067
    ana3067 Posts: 5,624 Member
    Mars Bars (from what I gather, the superior Snickers bar, but I've yet to eat the Snickers bar I accidentally bought a few weeks ago)
    Canadian Smarties (aka "the good version of M&Ms)
    Glazed donuts (I eat the GF variety, but ugh I would love to go to TImmies and get me an apple fritter)
    chocolate in general
    Turtles or Sweet Georgia Browns
    Very buttery popcorn

    Uh, idk. I like chips but not as much as I used to. I'm really a candy/chocolate person. TOBLERONE or whatever it's called.
  • fearlessleader104
    fearlessleader104 Posts: 723 Member
    I eat all of them every week! Check out my diary for a full list :blush:
  • milk tea....can't get enough of milk teas.
  • CarrieCans
    CarrieCans Posts: 381 Member
    Circus Peanuts
    Good & Plenty
    Swedish Fish
    Tootsie Rolls
    Cow Tails
    Cordial Cherries
    Valentine Chocolates
    Ferrero Rocher

    Jeepers, i like candy. Anything with an extreme amount of sugary sweetness. I've never been too into cakes, cookies, chips etc. Unless i buy them for the family. Once in a while i get a craving for girl scout cookies. Samoas and Thin Mints are the best.
  • cbhubbybubble
    cbhubbybubble Posts: 465 Member
    Zesty Cheese Doritos

    ...and cake...carrot cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake...pretty much any kind of cake
  • AngryViking1970
    AngryViking1970 Posts: 2,847 Member
    Chips Ahoy and cheddar cheese cracker Combos. Kit Kats are pretty great, too.
  • zeal26
    zeal26 Posts: 602 Member
    Prawn Cocktail Pringles
    Mars Bar Icecream
  • DarbiB
    DarbiB Posts: 88 Member
    Crunch bars
    Trader Joe's chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting
    Miss Vickie's Sweet Chili Sour Cream chips
    Garlic bread from Nando's Peri-Peri

    ^ probably my 4 main weaknesses.
  • Lazz5k
    Lazz5k Posts: 251 Member
    corn fritters. chicken fingers. mozzarella cheese.. ughh
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member

    Man, give me a package of Oreo's and a glass of milk, I am out for the counting.

    pretty much this. I rarely eat Oreos and don't ever buy the big package because it is the ONE thing I just can't get enough of. That and Halloween candy, like mini Snickers or 100 Grand bars. One is too many and fourteen is not enough ;-)

    Other favorites for me are burgers and ice cream. Baskin Robbins Gingerbread Junction sundae with hot fudge topping, yes please.

  • vamaena
    vamaena Posts: 217 Member
    Rainbow chips ahoy
    Chocolate pudding
    Chocolate chip icecream (mint chocolate chip is good too)
    Cinnamon beaver tails, the garlic and cheese ones are good too
    Mozzerella sticks
    Chicken wings
  • adamitri
    adamitri Posts: 614 Member
    sweetish fish and tootsie rolls all the way.
  • LookingBusy
    LookingBusy Posts: 72 Member
    zeal26 wrote: »
    Prawn Cocktail Pringles

    I don't know what these are (we don't have them in Canada) but now I must have them.

  • lrichelle
    lrichelle Posts: 54 Member
    edited December 2014
    Chips. BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno, pretty much any kind. :smile:
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,372 Member
    Lindor truffles
    Hazelnut filled chocolates (including Ferrero rochers and Suchard rochers in those)
    Kit kats
    Haribo gummy candy
    Cakes, pies
    Pastries and croissants as long as they are from a GOOD bakery.. not that Panera crap
    Same with donuts (ie, not from Dunking Donuts)
  • purplemystra
    purplemystra Posts: 159 Member
    Double Stuffed Oreos, As my daughter says "why eat regular Oreos when you can have double Stuffed" lol :smiley:
  • mrsgoodwine
    mrsgoodwine Posts: 468 Member
    Oreos and Cheese Puffs - very dangerous
  • tink11464
    tink11464 Posts: 119 Member
    PopSecret movie theatre microwave popcorn - I am addicted - UGH. I have tried on several occasions to "break up" with PopSecret - but it hasn't worked. :(
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Double Stuffed Oreos, As my daughter says "why eat regular Oreos when you can have double Stuffed" lol :smiley:

    yes to this all day long!