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A few personal observations

fitmama0914fitmama0914 Member Posts: 83 Member Posts: 83
Sorry in advance for typos. Mobile makes me type blindly. It's funny, the way my journey has gone. I am in the process of a 90 day lifestyle change. Originally, it was meant to be a personality thing. I was tired of being miserable and cynical, and pessimistic. So I set out to change everything. Then came working out. I've done it before. You know, no formal exercise for years, then I go all out on the first day and can't move for a week. And then it's over. So, this time, I told myself I had to give it 90 days before I can quit. My theory is that after 90 days, quitting won't even cross my mind.

And initially I just wanted a body with a flat belly... To be comfortable naked. Well, I realized recently that my mindset has changed, and I didn't know it until the thousandth comment that I don't need to lose weight. My response was that I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to get strong. And that's when I figured it out. My goal is no longer just to look good. I want to be able to bench press a car... Well, I want to feel like I could. It's a huge revelation because it changes my motivation. Instead of obsessing over what I look like, I can focus on my strength. "Oh cool, I can do 5 more today". It's empowering.


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