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Anyone feel like the forums are becoming more and more moderated and censored, especially with this new flag someone as a game going on? "I don't agree with the link this person posted, flag it as spam!" I mean everyone on the site is an adult, i think the excessive moderation is going a bit too far. I've gotten more flags and seen more nuked posts in the last 2 weeks then in my previous 3.5 years here.


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    In before closure!
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    Absolutely agree.
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    Well, that's what we get for whining that we needed new forums! We got what we asked for, and then some! :\

    ETA: I, for one, do not mind the colors. I like colors :D
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    I agree there. I got reported for "swearing." Last I knew, swears were bleeped out? I don't remember MFP being that way before. Lots has changed in my time off :P
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    In before closure!

    OMG if they nuke this thread, that would be SOOOO FUNNY!
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    I think there needs to be more moral cleansing of ye heathens.

    Mind you, I believe we are all getting exactly what we pay for here.
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    In before the lock
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    MyFitnessPolice is more like it.

    Back in the day... I got a warning for saying "Twinkies", so it's still kind of the same to me.
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    MyFitnessPolice is more like it.

    i like...
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    I wouldn't mind the flagging system so much if it were a typical 'flag up/flag down' system. I think that would help weed out the hater/troll posts, while giving newbies a bit of an indication of what the general population thinks of the information posted.

    I've received a smattering of flags on otherwise respectful posts, simply because someone disagreed with what I wrote. I'd LOVE to be able to see if I had gotten some positive feedback as well. Without the whole picture, I think it just discourages thoughtful posting.

    My $0.02
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    Post flagged...
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    Can't we just have a thumbs up, thumbs down for posts? I think that's what everyone really wants here.
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    I mostly just laught about it. As an example, today I got flagged for "abuse" when I told someone who got heavy spinning dizziness everything she lifted her arms over her head to go see a doctor instead of asking us for advice on how to lift. But I really don't let it bother me, I know I meant nothing but good and I assume who ever flagged me is either sensitive or having a bad day.

    To be honest, it doesn't matter if people are adults. I've never seen such immature behaviour as you see on completely unmoderated forums with adults.
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    capture the flag!
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    1. If you haven't seen that many threads getting closed previously, you were clearly not having enough fun on the forums. All the REALLY good ones disappear.
    2. I don't remember there ever being a thread that questioned the moderation of the forums that has survived, so this thread being deleted is just par for the course.
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    In for anarchy!!