Anyone have a HIIT program they like?

Could anyone point me in the direction of an at-home HIIT program they like? I am a new mom and thought it would be a great use of (maybe) 20 minutes of baby-less time!


  • mrsgoochy
    mrsgoochy Posts: 61 Member
    Fitness Blender is good but being a mom to a one year old and getting up at 4:30am to make it happen, I've started using the sworkit app on either Iphone or Android. It links your work-out to MFP; one less step to do when you're done :)
  • kimekakes28
    kimekakes28 Posts: 103 Member
    Johnson & Johnson has a really good HIIT workout. You can download the app to just about any phone. They have sessions as short as seven minutes and up to 45 minutes. they have lots of variations on the exercises.
  • ohtheveganity
    ohtheveganity Posts: 25 Member
    Fitnessblender fitnessblender fitnessblender.
    Best free workouts ever, and all for free (they sell 8 week programs that tell you what workouts to actually do but all the videos themselves are free)
    They're doing a really great thing and I kind of want them to take over the world so seriously, check their HIIT videos out!