BIGGEST non-fitness goal of 2015?



  • eAddict
    eAddict Posts: 212 Member
    Finish crown and base molding around the home ; have a REAL garden this summer; add new trees to our lot.
  • besaro
    besaro Posts: 1,858 Member
    floss at least 90% of the year.
  • lishie_rebooted
    lishie_rebooted Posts: 2,993 Member
    Level up at work.
    Get my PE.
    Live as if I hadn't gotten my raise so I can buy a house.
    Donate my hair to an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients.
    Donate the clothes I dont wear/like.
  • stillnot2late
    stillnot2late Posts: 385 Member
    Salembambi I intend to grow my hair also, and do my homework on these lying eye cream ads, and find one that will at least help with the bags
  • ErinK09
    ErinK09 Posts: 687 Member
    I also would like to grow out my hair.
    Move out of state.
  • I am going to purge all the negative people out of my life, and make a real effort to look at everything in a positive light ie "i'm getting all the red lights? must be for a reason" thinking!! :)
  • OlyCapitalChick
    OlyCapitalChick Posts: 236 Member
    Ninkyou wrote: »
    Birth a baby.


    Seriously though, I'm so done being pregnant.
    BWHAHAHA...aww hun.. hugs..
  • ilfaith
    ilfaith Posts: 16,768 Member
    To always close my dresser drawers (because it drives my husband crazy when I leave them open).

    To spend more time outdoors with my children (and lure them away from their computer games).

    To spend more time reading books and less time reading blogs.
  • CooperSprings
    CooperSprings Posts: 754 Member
    Make and keep new friends. :)
  • Tinytaru
    Tinytaru Posts: 185 Member
    Visit my friend in Ireland, find a bigger appartment for me and my bunnies (and adoptmore bunnies?!?).

    Oh and marry Tom Hiddleston. :D
  • ucabucca
    ucabucca Posts: 606 Member
    figure out what to do for training for job I want to create cross between physical therapy and personal training. I want to help those needing help after stroke, surgery, with fibromyalgia etc when PT ends but not ready to go alone. I know there is a need and did this with a few of my residents in nursing home before I left. One had stroke and went from not walking to actually running 5k