Here's to a Healthier and Happier New Year!

Hi everyone here on MFP. I only have a few pounds to lose but really I want to eat better and get in shape. I am working on day 5so far. I got a small jump on the New Year. I joined a gym and love to walk my dogs so that is helping. I just have to stay motivated.


  • jambarri
    jambarri Posts: 3 Member
    Sounds like we have similar goals....just getting back on the site today...well done to you!
  • sciberrasjjj
    sciberrasjjj Posts: 12 Member
    It has taken me awhile to get motivated but I'm glad it finally clicked for me. Keep me posted on your progress.
  • sineadt84
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    edited December 2014
    Same here, trying to get out of the winter rut of vegging in front of the telly! Dog walking is a good idea, I don't have a dog but may check out borrow my doggy :smile: Good luck!
  • sciberrasjjj
    sciberrasjjj Posts: 12 Member
    Thanks sineadt84, it does help to have a furry friend in need! You are right about the telly and I am hooked on Pinterest lol!