110lbs to lose, looking for friends!

I am 32, have been on myfitnesspal for a few years, and have gained/lost the same 50lbs twice. I've got great motivation for the year ahead and would love some friends who also have a lot to lose and aren't going to be full of excuses!

My diary is viewable to friends and I am going to be doing P90/P90x/cycling as my main physical activities. Good old fashioned calorie counting and exercise are what's going to get me there. I hope to offer encouragement to others and receive the same.

This is our year! I'd be proud to join any of you in your efforts :)


  • funsteps
    funsteps Posts: 74 Member
    I have about 140 to lose right now. I'd love to add friends shooting to lose 100+ as well!
  • mrsKOrtiz
    mrsKOrtiz Posts: 949 Member
    I have nearly 90 pounds to lose. You can feel free to add me. I love motivational and supportive people!!
  • dgrant2009
    I have 70 pounds to lose and would like to be to be added. The more motivation and support the better! Thanks!
  • sarahalhamed3
    sarahalhamed3 Posts: 2 Member
    I'd love to be added! I have a ton to lose, again ):
  • mrsross35
    mrsross35 Posts: 2 Member
    You can add me I need to lose about 60lbs
  • Ihaveaplan1
    Ihaveaplan1 Posts: 7 Member
    Count me in! I need to lose about 65 lbs
  • jadeous
    jadeous Posts: 133 Member
    I have about 140lbs to lose also
  • Schmeelia47
    Schmeelia47 Posts: 17 Member
    I have about 75 lbs to lose. Please add me. :-)
  • AisWilson
    AisWilson Posts: 21 Member
    I would love to follow you. I too am ready to make this my year. I worked with a trainer for a year. Then life got in the way... School, family stuff, etc. ... And I haven't worked out for about a year. I need supportive people to help motivate me. I am 5' 9" and have about 80 lbs to lose.
  • amyleigh628
    Please add me, also. My goal is 60 pounds by my 40th birthday in June!
  • photo_kyla
    photo_kyla Posts: 322 Member
    Ooo, Me! Me! I'm in the same boat with the up and down.
  • AisWilson
    AisWilson Posts: 21 Member
    Any of you can follow me too! I need major support!
  • vlinders25
    vlinders25 Posts: 19 Member
    Need friends too as I just started today and have 107 pounds to lose.
  • whytepalmer
    Count me in! I have at 47 pounds that must vacate my body by July 2015,
  • ChristineCain
    ChristineCain Posts: 76 Member
    Looking to lose ~50lbs. Lost 55lbs 2 years ago and ~30 has somehow snuck back on (funny how that happens!). I'm starting P90X tonight again. Can't wait to get back the confidence and "old" me. Feel free to add!
  • sherambler
    sherambler Posts: 303 Member
    Feel free to add me....have 170lbs total to lose.
  • Annr
    Annr Posts: 2,765 Member
    hello from Oregon... You know the same ol' song I know! I seem to know a Lot about a LOT of things, but have trouble applying it in my life. On the GOOD side I have been at a constant weight of 250 since 2012 so at least I can't say Im a professional yoyo dieter. So they (people that know a LOT and have a piece of paper to prove it) say its healthier to be constant than up and down. Please add me and I will yak at ya!
  • zoeyshelton
    zoeyshelton Posts: 1 Member
    i'd love to be part of this! I have 70 to lose hopefully by July. I want to turn 30 with a body I've always wanted!
  • losingles
    losingles Posts: 147 Member
    You're welcome to add me. I need to get back on track after this crazy busy food-filled month. I have 120 more pounds to lose.
  • cwagar123
    cwagar123 Posts: 195 Member
    you can add me. I have lost 40, have 80 more to go