Have a lot to lose, like me?

I started with 100 lbs to lose. 35 days in, now. I can always use more support and friends in the MFP world to keep me motivated. Hopefully, I can do the same for you. Hit me with a friend request :)


  • mom2zayne
    mom2zayne Posts: 11 Member
    Not looking to lose that much but about 50lbs for me ill join with ya!!
  • lindacollins78
    lindacollins78 Posts: 44 Member
  • CariJean64
    CariJean64 Posts: 297 Member
    I've lost over 80, have nearly 100 left. I've been at this for almost a year, logging every day. If I can help, I'd be glad to!
  • I did my BMW today and healthy weight for my height and it suggested I lose 90 pounds. I am not interested in being that small but I could go for 65-75 weight lose. My goal is 3.3 pounds a week to be completed by the second week of August, my 35th birthday. Would love to motivate you if your willing to motivate me.
  • lindacollins78
    lindacollins78 Posts: 44 Member
    Right on! I quit smoking 7 months ago and decided a month ago that I needed to lose the 45 that I have gained plus another 55 after that. Almost 9 lbs down so far and my first goal is the 45 by the end of May!
  • mimi4janda
    mimi4janda Posts: 97 Member
    Count me in, please. I am starting my weight loss journey (again) I have 110 pounds to lose. Will send friend request when I figure out how to do it :-).
  • abigailhe
    abigailhe Posts: 28 Member
    Count me in as well! I don't know how to friend request so please add me! I have over 40 pounds to lose. I'm starting nursing school at the age of 35 this June and I need to be in shape! Would live to share tips on dieting and motivation. Thanks!
  • Schmeelia47
    Schmeelia47 Posts: 17 Member
    Count me in too! I've got 75 lbs to lose. Aiming for 175 by beginning of June when I have a wedding to go to. Would love to help with and get some motivation through MFP!
  • kellch
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    I lost 45 lbs on here in 2009. Two babies later, I have about 45-55 lbs to lose again. I have set a "quit smoking" date of 1/2/2015 and plan to do little 10 minute workouts every time I have a craving. I also want to lose this weight. I am so busy working 3rd shift and raising two kids that it is really hard to find the time to eat healthy and work out. By the time I get a chance to eat anything, I rush and grab something quick (which is usually unhealthy). BUT I am going to find the time. I can wake up 30 minutes early to do a quick workout before picking up the girls. That along with my quick 10 minutes throughout the day should be plenty of exercise (at least for now). I will put fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks in bowls in the fridge so they are easily accessible. I will stop drinking soda and stick to water. I can and will do this. And so can you :smile: Feel free to add me. And good luck to all!! (last time I did this, I found it very helpful to be involved in the community on MFP. It keeps you on track)
  • I lost 30 lbs at the first of the year then let myself get distracted. Gained it back and now starting over. Difference now is that I quit smoking 4 mos ago so exercise should be better.
  • ttlovesjb
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    I need a TON of help! I gained 20 on top of the 30 I already needed to lose when I had my hysterectomy 2 years ago. Seems so much harder in my 40's...ugggg