New Year! Trying AGAIN. . . friends/support??

Hey all. . .
I've tried fitnesspal in the past BUT lost my dedication after a bad breakup/starting a new with my kids. Anywho, I'm on my own now, trying to stay positive - hoping to shed the 30 lbs. I've gained from my miserable 2014. Any support would be appreciated!!!


  • TMarieC33
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    Hi! I'm Tonya. I have been here off snd on a while and have gained and lost & gained. I haven't looked much for friends but would like some now. Support is important. I'd love to be friends:)
  • Tobi43
    Tobi43 Posts: 14 Member
    You can add me! I had a year of poundage for 2014 as well, and I am claiming 2015 as MY year for getting my health back. I started on December 26th because I just couldn't take it another day of feeling so awful. :smile:
  • wolvinnetje
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    Hi i am from belgium maybe my english is not so good but have the same goal as you lost a lot of kiloos in 2015 if you want add me as a friend maybe we can help eachother and my english is hopefully getting better :)
  • RonkyCats
    RonkyCats Posts: 25 Member
    I like new friends :) i had given up for a little while too and it took a Christmas video of me jiggling all over the place to realize i need to get back on here! hahaha
  • MrsBennefield
    MrsBennefield Posts: 36 Member
    I'm looking to lose in the 30lb range, too. I'm three days new to MFP. Would love to have motivating friends and tips on using the app.
  • Seabee74
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    I've been here a little over a year and doing this thing☺ .. Add me if you'd like to !
  • jackibailey
    jackibailey Posts: 206 Member
    You can add me if you want. I've been on mfp since 2011 and I've gained and lost 100 pounds three times. I had gastric bypass in may and have lost 167 pounds since February. I'm looking for supportive friends who won't judge me for the surgery. I still work very hard at weight loss. I walk 3-5 miles nearly every day. I count calories everyday. And I struggle some days. I'm a very good cheerleader. Hope we can be friends.
  • Difficult times often lead to weight gain, happy times often lead to weight gain. I know that I have to make a lifestyle change and concentrate on becoming healthy and not just on losing weight. I wish you the best in meeting your 2015 goals!
  • BakerRunnerBadass
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    Always looking for new friends to motivate and be motivated by! Feel free to add me!
  • Travko
    Travko Posts: 55 Member
    I'm always on the lookout for encouraging friends (and friends that I can encourage), so feel free to add.
  • tiffnkailey
    tiffnkailey Posts: 150 Member
    I'm starting over and looking for new friends too.
  • Starting mfp for the first time. Hoping we can all help each other! Looking to lose around 30 to 40 lbs.
  • corsolo
    corsolo Posts: 12 Member
    I too am starting over and looking for some new friends as well. Let's do this thang!
  • Jackie80taylor
    Jackie80taylor Posts: 76 Member
    hi, feel free to add me, I am hoping to lose 20/30lbs too :-)
  • hp0404
    hp0404 Posts: 31 Member
    Hello all gonna get my butt in gear and try to make myself feel better again
  • Tydeclare44
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    Always need new friends :) I'll always be here for support and answering questions!