Cool Friends 40 and up! New YEAR, New FRIENDS, New GOALS!

Just looking for some new active fun friends to add. I am looking to lose the weight I have gained back and just want some new support and new motivation. I know the struggle is real once you hit 40 well at least for me. lol


  • gio0323
    gio0323 Posts: 294 Member
    Sent :), anyone else fell free to add me name is Giovanni and recently started bike riding and seems it's working :)
  • 9mike
    9mike Posts: 839 Member
    send me a friend request n maybe we can hit the gym together
  • Mapanggulo
    Mapanggulo Posts: 185 Member
    Yeah getting older does make it harder loosing find new pains in places you didn't think you'd have pains when you exercise. I'm just trying to get where I want to be so that I can turn 50 without looking like a total couch potato :)

    Feel free to add me, I'm on MFP daily
  • beaches222
    beaches222 Posts: 437 Member
    Yes it is so hard the older you get.
  • You can add me as a friend!
  • ankdworak
    ankdworak Posts: 336 Member
    I'm slipping into 50 in March... have had great success since this last July. Feel free to add me. ankdworak
  • beaches222
    beaches222 Posts: 437 Member
    Thanks everyone. I will be sending some friend request.
  • Elise4270
    Elise4270 Posts: 8,375 Member
    Here here! Lets get the new year started off right! To the GYM!!!!
  • Age is only a barrier if allowed. Yes we age, get slower and fatigue quicker but the art of doing is a great motivator. As a community we can support one another to exceed our goals. ☺
  • fbref9
    fbref9 Posts: 74 Member
    I didn't think turning 40 a couple of years ago was too bad until…. Now I am refocused and making progress. Feel free to add me if you want encouragement and support.
  • Faithwalker12
    Faithwalker12 Posts: 3 Member
    Please add me to your friend list too. I need some motivation. Fighting with the thought of joining Weight Watchers...uuuggghhh.
  • melbre74
    melbre74 Posts: 6 Member
    It does seem like it's harder to drop the pounds since turning 40 this summer. I've decided it's time to get serious about my eating habits and exercising. I'm sick of feeling miserable all the time. I'd love to have some friends for support and motivation - feel free to add me too.
  • Seabee74
    Seabee74 Posts: 314
    Been here a little over a year and the longer you do it the easier it gets ☺. Add me if you'd like to !!!
  • jackibailey
    jackibailey Posts: 206 Member
    You can add me if you want. I've just turned 46. I've been on mfp since 2011 and I've gained and lost 100 pounds three times. I had gastric bypass in may and have lost 167 pounds since February. I'm looking for supportive friends who won't judge me for the surgery. I still work very hard at weight loss. I walk 3-5 miles nearly every day. I count calories everyday. And I struggle some days. I'm a very good cheerleader. Hope we can be friends.
  • lt3ag4s
    lt3ag4s Posts: 835 Member
    I have been around for awhile but my motivation has been a roller coaster along with my weight. Being more supportive of others helps me keep myself in check.