100lbs...how did I let this happen?!

Yesterday I weighed in at my highest weight of my life! 266lbs. I am so pissed at myself for letting this happen. I have a 7 month old baby and a 10 year old daughter and I am done being the fat girl for them! Started T25 yesterday and logging EVER morcel that hits my lips!


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    I feel the same. At 214 pounds, I'm 64 pounds above acceptable for my frame and 74 above what I considered my ideal in the past. However it happened, at least it's reversible.
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    Sounds like a plan! Turning that anger into positive energy - eating less and moving more! Good for you!
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    i don't know the answer but my suggestion is to explore that question more. how did you let this happen? what is the weight about?

    good luck on your food plan, but have a head plan too.

    good luck!

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    Good luck on your plan
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    I have been there, asking myself the same thing. A year ago I weighed 256lbs. I now weigh 179lbs. I know everyone says this but seriously, if I can do it so can you! You've got this just press forward and don't look back. Stay committed no matter what and when you feel like giving up remember why you started in the first place. Best wishes to you! Feel free to add me, I'm happy to support you!
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    I started out with 110 lb to lose.
    When I hit about 50 down, I got morose seeing other people's tickers showing that they only wanted to lose 40 lb. If I'd started sooner, I'd be at my goal already. Why did I let myself get so out of hand?! :cry:

    But the important thing is that I started exercising & controlling calories in.
    You can too.

    Here's a blog post I did with a bunch of newbie help links, including sexypants, how to log accurately, setting reasonable goals, and motivation/encouragement.

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    If this is the official "I'm pissed off at myself" thread, I'm in. I'm over 200 pounds for the second time in my life (the first was a pregnancy) this time it's just laziness and I'm mad that I let it get this bad.
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    I have been there. In fact it was April 28, 2011. I was 100 lbs over my best weight ever. Decided to do just what you did and it worked. So I know if I can do it so can you. Some advice - set achievable (say lose on average 1 lb a week) long term (at least 6 months if not a year) goals. Remember that you can always exceed your goals. Also, log each day not just to hit your target but to increase your knowledge so you can adapt. Take care.
  • I feel ya girl!! I too started T25 and logging everything that I eat, nibble, lick, sip! I know you can do it! Reading everyone's motivational stories makes it a little easier to keep on track!
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    The hardest part for me during this entire process was actually getting on the scale for the first time. It happened, and now you have taken control. You can definitely do this!
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    Thank you!!!
  • allison1983weber
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    Sorry, new to this and didn't see all the posts. Thank you so much for all the kind words, and yes this is the "I'm an idiot, how the heck did I let this happen?" post :) I know how this happened. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I am on maternity leave and the weight is just piling on since I am way less active than when I am working. (I chase special needs kids around the school for a living, lol) Right before I got pregnant I successfully completed 30 days on the HCG diet and lost 30lbs, down from 260, which was my highest. Then I got pregnant 1 week after completing the diet and ballooned up to 270, but I was pregnant so I wasn't mad. Since having my daughter, I went down to 240 and then it has been slowly creeping up, I think I have been turning a blind eye to it. Now, none of my clothes fit, since I got rid of all my fat clothes and I refuse to buy new stuff. To the women who are on their way to losing 50+lbs...THANK YOU!!! For showing me that it can be done. Right now I am nursing so supplements are not accessible to me, but hopefully in the future, I will be able to use those as well, to aid in this journey. I am going to do this, I HAVE to do this!
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    For me, it was finding that I was 100 lbs over my high school weight, and almost sizing out of non-plus-size clothes, that pissed me off enough to actually fix it this time. It's a battle with various hormonal issues and a sedentary job with a culture of eating, but I'm going to make it happen. Losing my even-more-overweight aunt to a heart attack a week before her 48th birthday, three weeks after I started MFP, has been the worst - but strongest - kind of motivation. Someone in our family has died of weight-exacerbated heart issues before age 50 for the last several generations, and I'm not about to let it be me!
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    I'm with you. Don't know how I let myself gain 90lbs in 3 years. Was I sleeping and eating at the same time? I use the anger to fuel my journey out of this fatsuit. I'm sure you can do it, too. Good luck!!!
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    Lol it would be a scary world if I could eat while I was sleeping!!! It's just so easy to put on! It's society as well though...food is everything. Both my parents are morbidly obese, medically I am probably that as well. I was raised to eat...eat eat eat and so food is nothing to me. I don't even consider what it is or how much of it I am putting in. I am determined...
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    may I ask what T25 is?
  • I am in the same boat! I am at my heaviest ever and now that i have managed to get over the depressed part of this reality - I am pissed with myself for letting it get this bad! I am determined to lose it and get healthy! I went from a size 12 before pregnancy (4 years ago)to a 16 that is well on its way towards an 18 but I will NOT let that happen! Feel free to add me as I too am looking for motivation and support on this journey!
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    Hi all :-) I'm a total newbie- literally just joined. So I'm a just turned 30 year old female from Ireland and I'm about 3 stone overweight and to be honest uncomfortable at this stage. Looking forward to chatting and sharing :-)
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    Hugs. Don't be to hard on yourself. I like to think of weight loss as something that happens because of self compassion. I did not happen over night and I will not change over night. I have 70 lbs to loss but I set goal for 25 lbs break things donw into baby steps and focus on your actions not the scale. Be proud of the new behaviers you are developing.
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    you are so close to where I was! When I had my daughter I was 292 lbs going into labour. I settled in at 268 and HATED it... Couldn't even look in the mirror for a period of time. Using MFP and walking, pilates, etc I am now 218 and still losing. Feel free to add me if you would like