What keeps you up at night?



  • lisalips30
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    when you think of certain people and imagine what they are doing. How they made you fell that day or if you will hear from them, can be a friend, a lover, a CRUSH, ohhhh and yes, urges, urges keep me up most of the nights.lol. so its my mind that wont rest.
  • Anahita_Swims
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    I sleep liek a rock the other time i cant sleep is when I'm hot :/
  • jpaulie
    jpaulie Posts: 917 Member
    lack of meds
  • TheNoLeafClover
    TheNoLeafClover Posts: 335 Member
    Depression, anxiety, and a lifelong struggle with sleep disorders.
  • ncwingnut71
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    My job.....my brain never shuts up.
  • BeardedYoung
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    I think its anxiety... but I don't feel anxious. I have to use a CPAP and when the kids are watching TV and everyone is up and playing I fall right to sleep (I sleep in the living room) when everyone finally goes to bed I'm WIDE AWAKE... I have to feel totally exhausted to be able to out the CPAP mask on. All I know is when everyone else is asleep I can't sleep. I should be on C-shift...lol
  • Anxiety here, too. I sleep very lightly and if anything wakes me up I'm up for the night. I suck at the "go to sleep" game.
  • Spnneil06
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    My brain for sure. It only wants like 2-4 hours of sleep. Sometimes less. Then I start thinking of ridiculous things that don't matter, then try to think of why I feel so anxious!
  • _Figgzie_
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    Salma Hayak but I'm ok with it
  • GreenGoddess22
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    Work stress
  • amymrls
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    My mom is dying and I am scared
  • GreenGoddess22
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    I am so very sorry Amy. My dad passed in 2007, you are free to msg me if you need to talk. Great big hugs to you and mom!!
  • amymrls
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    I am so very sorry Amy. My dad passed in 2007, you are free to msg me if you need to talk. Great big hugs to you and mom!!
    Thank you, we sold our house to move in with her. It is hard and I am not sure how I feel about anything right now.
  • lsgibbs83
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    Some nights it's my brain running through everything. On a good night it's my boyfriend.
  • Lately this dang cold! Ugg
  • drabbits3
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    worrying about money--unemployed husband will do that for you...
  • mrsKOrtiz
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    Crime shows. Nothing like watching something on criminal mind to go fast asleep too.
  • civilizedworm
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    When someone finally answers a question that has perplexed me I usually tell them "thanks now this won't have to reside in my anxiety closet and keep me up night."

    They don't get the reference.
    The greatest comic ever.
  • Sardines in mustard sauce, dipped in yogurt