Post here if you want more friends!



  • LVas89
    LVas89 Posts: 5
    I've been here before and lost almost 50 lbs. Since May 2014 I've been gaining it back. :( I don't like the way it makes me feel or look. So it's time to get back to it and lose it!! My goal is to lose 100 lbs total. I plan to lose at least 50 lbs this year. More would be great.. less is not an option! Feel free to add me. :smile:
  • jack0912
    jack0912 Posts: 46 Member
    Would love to add friends for encouragement and help in keeoin each other on track
  • Kaiilex
    Kaiilex Posts: 7 Member
    Definitely me!
  • fitmumnz
    fitmumnz Posts: 8 Member
    Hi everyone ! I used to use mfp all the time after the birth of my first child, and am looking to get back into it after my second child. Looking for motivating and supportive people to help each other through this journey ! feel free to add me ! :)
  • brendamac464
    brendamac464 Posts: 19 Member
    Hi - I took a 9 month break and all my former friends are gone! Please add me!!!
  • Summer_2016
    Summer_2016 Posts: 10 Member
    Starting over in 2015. Need supportive friends :D . Will get it done this time
  • LunaB123
    LunaB123 Posts: 5 Member
    Yes please! New on here and would love some motivation! Also can't work out how to add people ha.
    Have put on 8lb, need to nip it in the bud!! ( have been much heavier in the past)
  • Texafornia23
    Texafornia23 Posts: 177 Member
    Add me if you want. I'm a pretty active logger and a half decent cheerleader.
  • six1908
    six1908 Posts: 99 Member
    Hi. I am looking for some new pals because I took a hiatus due to some personal issues, came back with less of me (I lost 28lbs) and most of my friends were gone SO... would love to have some pals! Thanks!
  • believeitall93
    believeitall93 Posts: 8 Member
    Add me please I need a support group!
  • AWordyGirly
    AWordyGirly Posts: 32 Member
    Hey all - I have at least 50 pounds to lose and probably more if I'm being honest. I'm blogging my way through it also - a really realistic blog , totally honest if you'd like to follow or add me here and we can support each other :-) xxx
  • AnaBananas1
    AnaBananas1 Posts: 3 Member
    Hey everyone! I'm looking to keep motivated with new friends. I've lost weight alone but would love to do this with others that log on daily.
  • Hi everyone! This is my third time on mfp (reasons why are in my post on the Intros board) and I'm looking to make some friends on here, I'm very chatty and would love if we could motivate each other!

    Hoping to lose around 10lbs but to be honest as long as I get back to feeling fit and healthy and can run a 5k I don't care how much I weigh!
    18 years old
    Student at university
    Most importantly - very friendly and chatty!
  • prettyface55
    prettyface55 Posts: 508 Member
    I could use more supportive friends!
  • Deanlolz
    Deanlolz Posts: 10 Member
    trying to gain 5 to 10lbs.
    desperate for human interaction.

    pls respond.
  • Angiefit4life
    Angiefit4life Posts: 210 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • I am looking for friends :-) Feel free to add me
  • swellmomma
    swellmomma Posts: 37 Member
    I would love more friends on here. Just starting out on my journey to lose 100 lbs and could use all the supportive friends I can get to keep me going. :)
  • healthymoi2015
    healthymoi2015 Posts: 17 Member
    blown away by how supportive people are. very cool. always up for new friends who understand the ups and downs of eating/exercising - and the importance of picking yourself back up. cheers!