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49 or 53 pounds down!

So the very first time I ever signed up for MFP in early 2013, I had my weight as 200. I didn't use MFP after I signed up for it for some reason. And honestly, I don't remember hitting 200 on the scales. I do, however, remember hitting 196 later that year. And that day was the one where I said "Enough!"

I started my health and fitness quest in earnest in August 2013, and I wanted so much to get to my goal weight of 145 lbs yesterday (12/31), but I'm two pounds away. So why, you ask, am I posting before I hit my final goal weight? Well, because today, I finally had a photo made, and I want to share it. I've always (even as a kid) hated having my picture taken, so I don't have many "befores" and only this one "after" so far.

The "before" was taken that fateful day in August of last year. I only wore baggy clothes to try to hide my weight, but I pulled the shirt tight to show how large I'd gotten.

Today, I ran my first 5K in over 20 years. I started the Couch to 5K in August of this year, and am now training for a half marathon in late January. Today was a 3 mile run in my training program, so I decided it would be a good way to start the year with a race. I was hoping for a 30-minute finish, but I did better than that! 28:54 and won second place in my age division (50-54).

MyFitnessPal has been a huge help to me and proven that (barring any medical conditions), if you stick with a plan of move more and eat less (and better), weight will come off!

Happy New Year and best of luck to all of you!!



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