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26st 5lbs to 16st - my journey

eoin21 Posts: 81 Member
edited January 2015 in Success Stories
I suppose it is a bit of New Year nostalgia that put this back in my mind to post today, but also the beginning of a new fitness goals.

I have the typical story, I ate too much and drank too much. Blamed a bad knee injury which I had another surgery for during my weight loss transformation for my laziness prior to it. But two years today I implemented a new mindset, a new diet and finally the start of a new me! I knew after a few weeks the instant change in my body, my mentality and my happiness that I knew I had finally got the motivation to do it. Its kept on since and I don't think I'm anywhere near done yet. But the overall change that this has caused in my life is amazing. I am instantly happier, more confident and enjoying the little things more.

Looking back to two years ago I would never have thought I could have lost that amount of weight and I've now completed two races including my very first half marathon. So to everyone I hope you have a great New Year and I wish you all the success in your resolutions. If you ever feel like you're struggling with your diet or exercise, never give up because the happiness it will bring you is indescribable.






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