Restaurant nutrition facts

I'm wanting to make sure I'm prepared for any restaurant situations that arise and have a nutrition facts sheet available for the menu. What has been your favorite go-to restaurant that has the calories available online?


  • TR0berts
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    When I was truly watching Cals on a cut, it was 99. I particularly like two of their "Fit For You" meals: Mushroom Bleu Sirloin and Balsamic (or sometimes just Seasoned) Salmon.

    eta: Both are listed at 420 Cals, 380 for the Seasoned Salmon.
  • missiontofitness
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    I've only noticed chain restaurants have their nutritional information online. My favorite restaurants are family owned or small chain restaurants, so they generally don't have the information. I tend to guesstimate and eat until satiated at restaurants, and pack up the rest to take home. I try not to dwell too much on those calories. :)
  • abatonfan
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    Pretty much most national restaurant chains have the nutrition info either online or MFP. I'm a diabetic and need the nutrition information for my carb counting, so I have an idea of which places have them either online or in-person.

    Most places seem to have the nutritional information available, but these are the following places that I've had issues with:
    • Longhorn Steakhouse -only posts Calorie content (have to guesstimate on macros)
    • Waffle House -No nutritional information what-so-ever
    • The Cheesecake Factory (only posts Calorie content for the <600 menu)

    For those places, I bring my Calorie King book with me (also has nutritional information for major national chains) and estimate the nutrition info based on generic ingredients (chicken, pasta, broccoli, etc).
  • jmatthews78
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    I wouldn't worry about it at all. 'Guestimate' if you have to when entering the data. As long as you're consistent with your healthy eating and exercise it won't make the slightest bit of difference.
  • KarenB927
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    I have found that if you input the name of a restaurant chain in the MFP app food search for dinner, (or whatever the meal), most of their menu items comes up. For instance, put in Outback Steakhouse, and everything from appetizers to dessert comes up.
  • travie__b
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    Chain restaurants are nice, because either their cals have been entered into MFP or are available online. Small owned restaurants are hard for me, because there's one in particular I love to frequent.

    Generally, what I do, is look for something similar on MFP, and then to be honest, I choose the listing with the highest calorie amount. That way, I can at least say I'm not intentionally underestimating what I'm doing.
  • VeryKatie
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    Boston Pizza, Old Spaghetti Factory... Applebee's... a lot of 'em.