Anyone from the UK?



  • Cozmetick
    Cozmetick Posts: 94 Member
    North England here! Add :)<3
  • deblindsay1
    deblindsay1 Posts: 9 Member
    Hi All
    I'm from Hertfordshire and just starting out. Would be more than happy to have a few friends to do this with so please add me. Good Luck everyone.
  • mnwindows
    mnwindows Posts: 2 Member
    hey, i'm new here add me if you want im from Lincs be nice to share the weight loss journey...
  • Flab2fitfi
    Flab2fitfi Posts: 1,349 Member
    Lots of here. used to live in Norfolk but now up in Yorkshire.
  • antjtw
    antjtw Posts: 3 Member
    Yeah! York/Leeds
  • _runnerbean_
    _runnerbean_ Posts: 640 Member
    I'm originally from Hampshire but now living in the west of Ireland. It's nice to have some Uk/Irish pals as the USA lot don't wake up until we've had our lunch! Good luck everyone.
  • snow3drop
    snow3drop Posts: 2 Member
    Hey I'm originally from Middlesbrough but living in West Sussex now. Feel free to add. I've just come back to mfp and am determined to lose 30lbs.
  • CarlKRobbo
    CarlKRobbo Posts: 390 Member
    Feel free to add, Based in Liverpool
  • tamsinlock
    tamsinlock Posts: 24 Member
    Hi all,

    I'm from Bristol and looking for more mfp friends to go through this with so please add me :smile:

    I have just reached my first goal of 10kg lost and on to the next.... Good luck everyone!
  • greggsyv
    greggsyv Posts: 11 Member
    Hi im from kenilworth I will add you
  • I'm from Hampshire. Feel free to add me :D
  • Deya1286
    Deya1286 Posts: 5 Member
    Hiya, I'm in Derby. Feel free to add me :)