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    Hi I've a bad habit of eating toast a lot I'm looking for something to have instead bread and that's healthier.. The white bread is killing me and I've tried brown but looking to know if there is a healthier and tastier named brownbread that I could have instead.
    Thanks again

    How are you eating the toast? Are you putting something on it or eating it plain? Are you eating toast with meals or is toast your whole meal?
    Eat lots of other foods. Eat one piece of toast a day. Try different breads- maybe something with whole grains. Put something like peanut butter, hummus or cheese on your toast to make it more satisfying.
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    I <3 bread. We do whole grain white here, because I prefer white bread.

    I also make a lot of our bread from scratch (french bread, dinner rolls, etc). I haven't found a recipe I like for sandwich bread yet.
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    I also make a lot of our bread from scratch (french bread, dinner rolls, etc). I haven't found a recipe I like for sandwich bread yet.

    Hahaha that's what I can't do. I don't think the loaf would last a day (heck, an hour).

    For what it's worth, I find those 45 calorie breads not worth the calories at all. They are so thin and light, it's not satisfying at all to me, plus I've weighed some and a lot are closer to 50/55 calories anyway, so I'd rather have the 65 calorie slices (like regular loaves, just smaller). But it's true that I rarely eat sandwiches anymore, if I am, I'll buy some good French bread, at least that's worth the calories to me.
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    I would probably make a similar statement as the OP indicating that the calories per slice are just not worth what I am getting from the bread enjoyment wise. I believe a lower calorie per slice bread is what is being searched for.
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    I fnd that if I just don't buy it I don't eat it. My kids love bread and I always opt for whole grain white without high fructose corn syrup for them and I keep it in the freezer. I used to eat a half a loaf a day plain with nothing on it. I'm what you might call a serious carb addict. I treat bread and rolls and pizza and all that yummy goodness as a treat now once a week. Its not going to kill you, but unless you are doing the exercise to utilize it and burn it off its not going to help you either.
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    If you try to cut it out completely you will be left feeling unsatisfied. bread is alright to eat, if your eating

    I disagree. I don't really eat bread and I don't feel unsatisfied. I also don't crave sweets and more carbs when I don't eat bread.

    Presumably it depends on the person. I don't care about bread at all most of the time and don't crave it, so I'm back to not wasting calories on it for a while. Someone who really enjoys having it every morning might feel differently. That's for everyone to answer for themselves.

    Bread doesn't affect my feelings about sweets, although it's true that eating fewer sweets typically leads to me wanting fewer.
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    Mmmmm....bread! I love the stuff! Ezekiel is my favorite too. When I get crazy and decide to bake a loaf, I love making Whole Wheat and Honey, or Red River Cereal breads. I prefer baking more because then I know what my ingredients are, and I can control what is added or eliminated.
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    I have found Joseph ' flax oat and wheat lavish breads a very good alternative. They are wraps. 1 serving is 50 cals but high dietary fiber and protein. They are tastey. I also found that you can use them like a crust for pizza and they crisp up great for a cracker.
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    I was just at the store and since i read this thread earlier i decided to compare breads and maybe buy something new.

    I left with a bottle of chocolate syrup and no bread.