Anyone starting C25K? I couldn't even manage the 1st one!! :(



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    I successfully did c25k a little over a year ago...I was able to complete the entire program as the time I started I was already pretty fit but running had always been a challenge! I just started again after being exercise free for almost a year due to surgeries and new job .... this time it was hard!!!! Look forward to finding friends to go thru this new challenge with me!!! Feel free to add me and we can do this together!
  • Hi. I started the c25k on the 10th of october 2014 and kept with it. Id never ran before and found it hard. Keep with it. 2 months later im running 7k with out stopping and doing park runs every sat. My last 5k was done in 26.44 . I was amazed how quick the fitness comes. Make sure you eat right aswel tho. Big help that is
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    just finished day 5 today , not to bad at all , coming from never having run before, i enjoy it now and look forward to it, smiling away as i play strong beats as i run , shins get a bit sore now and again but am so determined to finish this program. Away skiing next week and plan to take my running gear as i dont want to miss a week. I feel more happy and energetic within myself which to me is great bonus, not that i was depressed or anything ha!
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    It definitely gets easier! I went from not being able to doing day 1 to running a marathon and it all started with C25k. Unfortunately I never really ran again after the marathon and I am back at day 1 of c25k which I will be starting next week. Feel free to add me!
  • I'm based in the UK (Essex) so weather can be wet but not too snowy/icy here. It's great to hear your success :)
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    I've just finished the first week - would be great to have friends who are starting too or have completed it for mutual support. Good luck everyone :)
  • Feel free to add me all x
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    I'm getting started again today. I used the program in 2012 and eventually ran the Philly half.... but then I fell off the wagon and gained all my weight back and lost most of my fitness I had built. Getting back to it today - feel free to add me and we can keep each other motivated! :)
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    Got started this morning with C25K as well as MFP. Lost 75 lbs but have gained some back. No excuse, but 2014 was extremely stressful and instead of exercising through the stress I ate my way through it. Gotta get going, can't/won't buy a larger wardrobe.
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    Well done for is so hard, my hubby flatly refused so I do it at the gym. I completed it last year but lost my momentum. Back on it yesterday and have started at week 5 and my thighs are aching today. I struggled to even jog when I started it so feel your pain. I am a big girl so thought my running days were best left at school. Am determined to get back to being able to run for at least thirty minutes as I genuinely felt awesome. Good luck. Add me if you need a morale booster:-) fyi my second week in I got off the treadmill and fainted:-)
  • I started C25K this morning. I tried this once before but gave up at week 6 with serious shin splints. This time I have had a gait analysis and corrective insoles - that may help. Do any of you have any tips to help avoid shin splints?
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    Finding your rhythm when starting out is tough. In the beginning, I ALWAYS ran too fast and struggled. I thought running = fast, an all out effort. Well it doesn't... there is a time for that (sprints and speed work) but that is much later. Slow down. If necessary, slow WAAAAYYYY down. I didn't think I was capable of running. It just wasn't for me. It was too hard. I was too unfit. I was ashamed of my inability to do it. Blah, blah, blah... Truth is I just had to drop my preconceived notions of what it meant to be a "runner" and work within my limits. I run regularly now, though I'm still more of a biker. There are still days that I struggle to find my happy place. It often takes a few miles for me to settle into my pace. Yep, a few miles. I've run many races and they are right, physically it doesn't get easier you just get stronger & faster... Mentally however, you reach a point where you no longer doubt as much. You know it will be tough, but you also know you are capable of it. Oh, it's okay to walk... especially on long training runs. Even my husband, very good marathon runner, walks on occasion. I guess the take home message is "Be kind and patient with yourself."
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    This is my 3rd time starting it, hope to finally finished ha.
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    I found week one to be the absolute hardest. You can do this! Don't worry about getting it done in the set amount of weeks it tells you to, just worry about doing it one day at a time.
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    I recently started c25k. I am the same way. You can push yourself as much as you are able to and next day, do the same routine again and don't move up till you got the first day down properly. I learned that with each day, my endurance have increased :)

    Good luck in your future adventures :)
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    I am restarting this coming week - I managed to finish the first one, several times of trying!!! I broke my ankle in June, got out of the cast in Sept. but haven't been cleared for impact yet.... hoping my doc appt on the 9th takes care of that! Don't be discouraged! There are many resets (I'm sure I'm going to try it a couple of times again too to get into a pace)- and I too had many do-overs...the important part is you are TRYING. So keep charging forward, do it for you, or someone else... just be good to yourself!
  • Good for you for getting it going!

    I never tried C25K, but I started running last summer and I wanted to die after about 45 secs on the treadmill. After a lot of walk run walk run (and a whole lot of bad TV shows watched at the gym), I can tell you it gets much much easier. Keep it up!
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    There's a C25K group here if you want to join for lots more information. Also there's a check-in thread for everyone doing the programme.

    Just go slow, possibly even slower than you thought you should, because at your stage you should be able to keep a conversation going whilst running.

    Don't re-take days unless seriously necessary, because the programme is set up in such a way that people with not great fitness/oxygen metabolism at the beginning of it can run through the nine weeks. Maybe you, like many others, don't finish the ninth week with running a full 5K, but you can keep working up the distance from there. In other words, C25K is reasonable, safe, and for beginner runners, so do trust it.
  • It's a great tool to have!!! Three pieces of advice I would love to offer are:

    Don't give up!!! It's hard to get started. You might not be able to follow it to a Tee but stick with it.

    Find a group!!! My dad and little brother run together. We actually just ran out first 5k together this past December. It creates bonds and motivates you to go further.

    Most Importantly!!! Don't skip steps!!! I made the mistake of going too far too early. I ended up with shin splints and it was a HUGE setback.

    Good Luck out there!!!
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    Don't worry, you'll get there. I tried it in August of last year and I couldn't even make it through the first half of the first run. Back then I was 50 lbs heavier though. I just started it again last week and I had to begin at week 3 because it was too easy.