Cancer survivor, Oer 50 and over 100lbs to loose needing mot

Hi I am new to this site, joined almost three weeks ago didn't know if I could stick to a diet but I so far have been able to almost keep to allotted calories. On Monday it will be 3 weeks, last night I just wanted to eat anything fattening but only had a protien bars and apples to eat. LOL so only went over a few calories. It just seems like I will never be able to sti k with this it is so many months that I will have to stick to this. Can anyone help with motivation.I never seem to be able to stick to diets but I have to for my health. I have problems with my lungs, arthritis has affected all my joints. I am unable to exercise right now. My doctor said my fasting blood sugar was over 100 and I need to cut the carbs that I eat. I really need to do this.


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    just don't worry so much about it. take it 10lbs at a time and feel good about yourself and your body.
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    My first suggesting is to reframe your thinking and mindset. This is NOT a diet! Thinking of healthy eating, as in a diet, conveys an idea of short-term changes. This should be LIFE LONG changes. You are NOT dieting, you are changing the way you think and feel about food to improve your health and your life. That was step one for me. MyFitnessPal gave me the awareness and accountability for my daily nutrition that I was so lacking in.

    Good luck. Be honest with yourself and the application, enter accurate information, and you'll do great.
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    Congratulations on the decision to get healthy. Do not think of this as a DIET that you have to stick to for X amount of months. If you truly want to stay healthy, it is a new way of eating for life. Find foods that you like and are nutrient-dense, but lower in calories. For example, I use non-fat Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, etc. I sip on an iced vanilla latte all day that I make with unsweetened almond milk, coffee and stevia, so my sweet tooth is satisfied, and I'm getting calcium practically for free calorie-wise. I just turned 58, am probably the strongest I've ever been and never feel deprived. I love finding new food tastes that are easy to make and healthy. Feel free to look at my food diary and friend me. As you get healthier, feeling good and seeing yourself looking good, becomes a great motivator for continuing this lifestyle. It is totally in your hands to make good choices.
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    Agreeing with the comment above about not thinking of this as a diet. I started and quit more diets than I can remember. Couldn't stick to them. What finally worked for me was to realize that I had to change my ways. Everyone around me was getting diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer... I had blood clots in my legs a few times and was so heavy it was misery to walk. And then one day, when someone close to me had a stroke, it hit me hard: CHANGE NOW OR YOU'RE SCREWED.

    So I put down the Taco Bell, picked up some walking shoes, and created a spreadsheet to track calories. This was long before I found MFP. I looked up nutrition and exercise info and logged it all into Excel, making sure I stayed about 500 calories below what I estimated I was burning. I quit fast food and read a lot about nutrition. I took the "Real Age" test, which was an eye opener for sure. I was 46 but the results showed my "real age" to be 57 based on my health, diet, and lifestyle habits. UGH.

    I signed up for the free emails from Real Age with nutrition and other health info and experimented with their suggestions. I've incorporated a lot of them into my life. I lost 90 pounds in 18 months with nutrition and exercise changes, and am now much healthier than I was 10 years ago. And now the test says my "Real Age" is 38, although I'm actually 49.

    I didn't do it with a diet. I did it by changing a lot of things in my life - permanently. That doesn't mean I'll never eat a cookie again or have a day where I'll lay around and read a book. It means that the vast majority of time I have a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.

    It's been worth every minute, every dollar, and every change I've made along the way.
  • Is anyone still active in this group, on this site? I'd love the support as I deal with cancer recovery & the need to lose weight.
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    I'm a cancer survivor. . . 1,118 days and counting . . . LOL
    Feel free to add me as well.
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    I had cancer 20 years ago, I have almost forgotten about it! Gradually it recedes into the back of your mind. We are all working together here towards a healthier way of life.
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    Hi, I have more than 100 pounds to lose. Feel free to add me!
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    The best way I looked at loosing my 100 pounds is thinking about decades, focus getting out of the current decade...I'm out of 140's so my focus is 129...It is the only way to do it when you have so much to loose. Also stay away from all the negative people at work, it's weird some people don't want you to do well!