Still not a "success story", but one year on

Splutters Posts: 16 Member
It was a year to the day yesterday that I started dieting and going to the gym on a regular basis. When I started out I was roughly 326lbs, now I'm 90+lbs lighter. I was always somebody who couldn't tell the difference from how I am now to how I used to be, probably because I saw myself every day.

The main reason I'm posting this is because while it still isn't a success and I have a ways to go, it's the time of year where you get people posting on your social networks being negative about people who use the "new year, new me" phrase. Don't let them bring you down. I started at New Year and stuck with it so if you want to make a change, you can too.

The result of losing 90+lbs is now I apparently have a neck, haha. Bad pictures but it's the first time I've really noticed a difference. Also I suck at "selfies" and hate them.



  • karyabc
    karyabc Posts: 830 Member
    B) you look awesome! and the new year, new me yeahhh don't know why some want to ashamed other because the time they pick to take care of them self, of course some will let it go but glad to know you stick with it #HNE
  • JLoRuthie
    JLoRuthie Posts: 375 Member
    You look great! Awesome job. Thanks for the motivation!
  • debneeds2beskinny
    debneeds2beskinny Posts: 227 Member
    i would definately consider you a success! nice job - you look great
  • upsaluki
    upsaluki Posts: 553 Member
    90 pounds lost counts as a huge success in my book. Thanks for providing some inspiration!
  • lau444
    lau444 Posts: 120 Member
    You sound like a success to me! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done thus far.
  • 90lbs is a massive success! Don't put yourself down just because you've set yourself a higher target. Sustained loss takes a lifestyle change as well as a diet and you've managed this for a year. Another 6 months and you`ll be there and life will be about enjoying your new shape rather than aspiring to it.
  • ntw25
    ntw25 Posts: 149 Member
    Great job mate, shame about the shirt though......
  • madhatter2013
    madhatter2013 Posts: 1,547 Member
    I'm singing you the Happy Knees song. Well, I don't know the words so I'm humming the tune in my mind. LOL Grats man!!!
  • sbrookes9
    sbrookes9 Posts: 445 Member
    edited January 2015
    You have done well and a definate success. Congrats and Happy New Year!
  • kendalslimmer
    kendalslimmer Posts: 579 Member
    Thanks for sharing honey! Love the pics and the story. xx
  • lynder64
    lynder64 Posts: 285 Member
    Positive energy... thanks for sharing :-) and congrats on your success thus far!!!
  • too bad about the football team but congratulations
  • dale530
    dale530 Posts: 78
    Excellent job. Keep up the great work!
  • mummye27
    mummye27 Posts: 10 Member
    fantastic, all your hard works paying off you look like a different person x :) x
  • FixItDuck
    FixItDuck Posts: 112 Member
    Sounds like a success story, to me. A success story with more chapters being written
  • Holla4mom
    Holla4mom Posts: 587 Member
    Awesome job! You look great! Great success to you in this year!
  • librarydebster
    librarydebster Posts: 177 Member
    You are definitely a success! Way to go! I also started last new year's day 2014 and I've lost 71 pounds so far and still going full steam ahead. About 20-30 more for me to lose but a success all the way and so are you. You look great and I know you feel great. Congratulations!
  • mgorham13
    mgorham13 Posts: 168 Member
    Every day we wake up keep moving toward our goal is a success
  • ErinK09
    ErinK09 Posts: 687 Member
    Awesome :D
  • VanessaRudden
    VanessaRudden Posts: 198 Member
    Happy New Year - you look great!
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