Counting Calories when you are sick

So I have been throwing up all morning. I am terribly sick and I really have no interest in eating.

Should I still try to hit my calorie goal on a day like today? How does it work if I am throwing up the food? Because logically if you throw it up you haven't processed all the calories.


  • Ready2Rock206
    Ready2Rock206 Posts: 9,488 Member
    I don't log when I'm sick. Just focus on getting well, eat what you can and get back to logging when you feel better.
  • Christi102012
    Christi102012 Posts: 87 Member
    If you're sick you get whatever calories into you that you can. Try some dry toast, ginger ale, decarbonated cola. I hope you feel better
  • 3laine75
    3laine75 Posts: 3,071 Member
    Take a break if you're sick. Eat what you can and feel better.
  • PurrlyGirl
    PurrlyGirl Posts: 59 Member
    If you're barfy, don't bother. I tend to still log my calories because I typically get *hungrier* when I'm sick unless it's a stomach thing so I could easily go over (by a lot) if I don't keep up with it. But yeah no if you're throwing up just get better.
  • AlyssaJoJo
    AlyssaJoJo Posts: 449 Member
    I never log. I can normally get in at least 1200 calories alone in liquids. Between orange juice and 7up my "diet" is blown. I just worry about getting better.
  • sheepotato
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    I still log when I am sick, but make a note in the comment section that I vomited. Don't force yourself to eat though, just get plenty of rest and fluids.
  • You're going to lose a lot of water weight and then rebound it back when you get better. Assuming this goes on for a day or two, you're unlikely to see any permanent gain or loss, no matter what you eat.