breakfast question

Looking for some low cal yet filling and tasty breakfast inspiration - I tend to either skip breakfast or eat wrong things - does anyone have any favourites they could share?


  • Personally I feel some foods are better than othersI'm looking for ideas on breakfast foods - I reach for almond croissants for example when on the go.... I no longer want to that, I feel good when I eat breakfast, just want some ideas on what others have
  • I made oat bars last night. I put in oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seed, chia seed, honey, peanut butter and almond milk. I mixed together really well and put it in a tray and into the fridge. I had one this morning. They weren't just right but with a little playing around in sure I can get the recipe perfect.

    One bar worked out around 140 cals and it made 20.
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    I have porridge (with Scott's porridge oats - I think it's called oat meal in the US) every week day which I make with half semi-skimmed milk (you could use skimmed) and half boiling water. I pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then chuck in some chopped prunes or raisins and dried apple. You can top it with pretty much anything you like or nothing at all depending on your preference.

    You can buy a little canister that keeps food hot if you need to take it with you. When I make it for my husband I put it in a pre-warmed food flask and it's still really hot four hours later.

    My diary is open if you want an idea of volumes/calories etc. :smile:
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    Usually quark with fruit, a small amount of nuts and a drizzle of honey. On my days of I like to make toast with cottage cheese and nectarine (or banana), a sweet egg white omelette, oatmeal or soft boiled egg and avocado on toast. If you're looking for something on the go, I'd say a wrap or a pot of yogurt with diced fruit you can eat at work are good ways to go. Smoothies work well too if you don't mind a liquid breakfast.
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    I make my own breakfast sandwiches

    1) I poached egg + egg white
    2) 1/2 slice of cheese
    3) 10-15 gm avocado
    4) English muffin

    All together under 300cals and tastes great!

    I usually make a couple of days worth so i can just grab one as im running out the door in the morning
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    Egg whites. 276g is 150 calories.... 30g of protein, I think.
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    I eat porridge everyday. My two favourites:

    Apple and cinnamon flavoured
    30g of Quaker 100% whole grain rolled oats
    1 apple
    100ml -150ml milk (either almond milk or organic whole milk, how much depends on how juicy apple I've got)
    Cinnamon (I add quite a lot because I love it but it depends on you)

    Cocoa and coconut flavoured
    30g of Quaker 100% whole grain rolled oats
    Cocoa (50ml of hot water 100ml milk)
    10g of Desiccated coconut

    When I'm after long runs in the morning I use 40g of oats to get some more energy after my runs;)
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    First I want to add the disclaimer that it's okay to skip breakfast as long as you feel okay doing it. Some people find that breakfast helps to increase their energy or concentration levels throughout the day or decreases their hunger, but others experience the complete opposite effect.

    I don't know how low cal you're trying to go or what kind of foods you like, but today I had toast with a little almond cookie butter on top. It was a quick-grab on my way out the door but still tasty.

    Yesterday I grabbed an Egg McMuffin on my way to work. Unusual for me, but only 300 calories and I was running late.

    The day before that was Greek yogurt with blueberries.

    The day before that was caramel Greek yogurt and I grabbed a Starbucks latte on my way to work (skinny - so it was 120 calories and 12g of protein).

    The day before that was a breakfast burrito with sour cream.

    Tomorrow I'm planning to make blueberry pancakes (about 200 calories if you measure everything out carefully) and I'll probably have some Greek yogurt on the side.

    There's a thread floating around titled "What's for Breakfast?" that's full of good ideas. I'm sure the search feature could pull it up for you if you're interested.
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    Almost every single morning I have a packet of lightly sweetened oatmeal for 110 calories. That , in combination with my cup of tea , usually keeps me going until lunch time. Depending how early I eat breaky, I might have a small morning snack between breakfast and lunch to tide me over.
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    jshay295 wrote: »
    Almost every single morning I have a packet of lightly sweetened oatmeal for 110 calories. That , in combination with my cup of tea , usually keeps me going until lunch time. Depending how early I eat breaky, I might have a small morning snack between breakfast and lunch to tide me over.

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    Sorry accidently quoted myself and I'm not sure how to delete it.
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    I had 3 boiled egg whites and two peices of whole wheat toast this morning.

    I also sometimes have a Special K flatbreat sandwich.

    Both quick and easy.

    IMO - breakfast is not a preference thing, it gets your body going in the morning.
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    2 eggs, 2 bacon, Side of fruit.
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    ive been on an omlette craze lately, 3 whole eggs, feta chese, salsa, and add any kind of other veggies you like.
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    I'm on a real omlette craze lately too! I make mine with egg whites though, put what ever veggies I feel like for the day with salsa on top.
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    I either have oatmeal with raisins and walnuts or a smoothie. Let me know if you want recipes.
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    This wont be helpful at all, but I love Cap'n crunch lol.
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    Some of my breakfast staples:
    - Egg whites with green onion, ham or turkey bacon, a fistful of spinach, and string cheese. I cook it all in one little pan or even microwave it in a mug at the office.
    - A bowl of cereal with almond milk and fruit (banana, strawberries, or blueberries).
    - A smoothie: I freeze ziplock bags of half a banana and berries. I grab a bag in the morning and throw it in a blender with almond milk and a fistful of spinach and a scoop of whey protein (no ice needed!). You can also add peanut butter, Nutella, honey, etc. or change up the fruits to veggies for a green smoothie.
    - A pack of oatmeal with fruit and almond milk.
    - Half a bagel or English muffin with cream cheese or peanut butter + half a banana.
    - Homemade blueberry muffin with juice and a piece of string cheese.

    My diary is open and honest. Feel free to friend me. Good luck!
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    I have breakfast burritos in my freezer - either ones I make my self or there's a few healthier brands at my local grocery. Takes 2 minutes max to cook in the morning - easy to grab and go. Filling, delicious and easy to eat on the go.

    I also own a breakfast sandwich maker. That takes about 5 min cook time and a few minutes to prep/log. Load with up with an egg and as many veggies as you can cram in there - bam - super yummy breakfast to go.