Donuts/cronuts in NYC (and cheesecake maybe?)

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Going there on Tuesday and I really, really, want to find a good donut shop... I'd actually really love to try a good cronut.

Any suggestion? The plan is to go to Central Park (probably walking from Penn Station) then see Ground Zero, but we can walk around a little.

My sister also doesn't get to eat cheesecake much, so if you have a suggestion for a really good cheesecake, I'm listening!


  • verptwerp
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    I think there's a really good bakery right in Penn Station ..... Zaro's Bread Basket .... if all else fails, they MIGHT have what you want ..... have a great trip !
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    MrM27 wrote: »
    Donuts - One of my best friends swears by Donut Planet in Chelsea.

    Oooo, the pictures on the doughnut plant site... pistachio doughnut looks amazing!! :D
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    theres not much round ground zero area yet as theyre still developing a lot of it.. dont wait till you get down there ..theres loads of places in teh will be spoiled for choice :)
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    Doughnut plant! thank you!!!!
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    +1 for Junior's Cheesecake.
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    Doughnut Plant. Ignore the rest. While in Chelsea, swing into Chelsea Market and get tacos from Los Tacos. Eat them while walking along the Highline!
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    I've been the Los Tacos, avoid it.

    I bought a nice Opinel knife in that market, but the equipment prices were FR.
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    randomtai wrote: »
    +1 for Junior's Cheesecake.

    Yeah we decided to probably skip cheesecake tomorrow, but I'll keep that one in mind for next year!
  • Francl27
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    Just updating, we went to Doughnut Plant and Junior's. Both fantastic. Thanks for the recommendations!