5'2, from 180-190 to 130.

I've spent years struggling with my weight, losing motivation and going through fluctuations. I've finally had enough feeling HEAVY! I count calories, work out, and am down to 130. I've posted a few times but I have been struggling the last ten pounds and I'm finally going to push myself. I feel like I've done so much to get where I am, I can't give up now! Thanks for reading ;-)









  • mistyloveslife
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    You are simply beautiful! Thank you for the motivation! You look fantastic.
  • beckibelgium
    beckibelgium Posts: 235 Member
    There's a nearly naked man going in ur bag! Lol that last pic u can't half pull of stripes you look amazing x
  • melimomTARDIS
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    You look GREAT!
  • rainbowbow
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    You look much younger and full of life. Great job!
  • thanks all!
  • ProjectEm
    ProjectEm Posts: 130 Member
    So full of confidence! Love it!
  • Ajaxlost
    Ajaxlost Posts: 46 Member
    Your smile says it all! congrats on your accomplishment! super fab in the striped dress!
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,993 Member
    You look great!
  • giggitygoo
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    You're so gorgeous! You were before too, but looking slim and trim lady! Nice work!
  • Polywoggs
    Polywoggs Posts: 33 Member
    Well done, girly! Congratulations!!
  • Samina1215
    Samina1215 Posts: 35 Member
    You are beautiful ;O) Good Job!
  • You are beautiful at any size, lucky!! But of course awesome work! Nice to see someone of my own height and a similar starting weight.
  • spirit095
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    edited January 2015
    Great work! You look amazing! Love the outfit in front of the Christmas tree.
  • Thank you!! It was worth it. Have struggled since childhood with weight. Didn't get full motivation until I finished school. Even if I fall down and struggle, I start over the next day!
  • ShifuYaku
    ShifuYaku Posts: 504 Member
    This is amazing. You are amazing. :blush:

    So I'm pretty much in the same category as you, short (5'2") and I think I'm around 190 to 200 (I don't know because I didn't bring my scale with me to Florida).... how long did it take you to get to your goal weight? Which aspect of your progress do you think was the most helpful (e.g. eating less carbs, eating more fruits/veg, eating more protein, cardio, weight lifting, etc.)? I've been trying to lose weight for 4 years now, and still haven't been able to get below 180 (that was my lowest and that was 2 years ago). I'm getting at the end of my rope. I've added more bicycle riding to my arsenal, and have started a new regime for myself - no added carbohydrates on Tuesdays, fasting every other Monday, and extra protein on Fridays.

    Sorry for writing so much, but you are exactly what I'm hoping I'd look like when I get to my goal weight, but I just can't imagine getting there. :smile:
  • kuragyan
    kuragyan Posts: 2 Member
    Wow! Just wow! I'm 5'1, 185lbs, trying to go down to that weight, but I am struggling, can't get enough motivation and information from the food I eat.
  • oliveoil87
    oliveoil87 Posts: 141 Member
    How long did it take?
  • You are beautiful at any size, lucky!! But of course awesome work! Nice to see someone of my own height and a similar starting weight.

    Agree. And a very contagious smile! Well done! :)
  • Akasya15
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    @kuragyan‌ you CAN do it! You have to really want it and get yourself motivated. I definitely know it's a struggle. What I did was make an instagram account and start following fitness pages and look at lots of progress and follow other people so you can get some ideas. Also you can join a group, like I joined Zumba and I have NO rhythm.. I was super scared but nobody even pays attention to you it's so much fun! I go for an hour and it goes by so fast. You can find recipes online.. And also eat lots of fruits and veggies, make sure you have them in your fridge all the time so when you snack you'll grab one of those.. I used to eat a ton of junk. I know in the beginning it's so hard to break the habit but once you break it, it gets so easy! And it's so worth it. Surround yourself with people who can motivate you! Get a fitness friend with similar goals.

    @ShifuYaku‌ no that's fine! I don't mind long comments :smile: it's hard to remember how long it took because honestly it's been awhile since I was 190s. I've been overweight my whole childhood and have tried everything along the way, I think I was more than 190 actually, only because I see photos that look a lot bigger than 190. But that was in middle school. I started walking home everyday from school and cut out soda completely for one year. After that year my weight was at 175 and stayed that way for the majority of high school. I moved to Canada and started walking five or six + miles a day, and never weighed myself nor dieted and went down to 145. I think that just moving around made a huge effect on my weight, walking a LOT. When I saw the scale after moving back to the states that was the time I got motivated and went down to 135, by eating healthier, counting calories, I started running about a half mile all the way up until I was running 6 miles, and keeping busy. I actually moved again and gained weight again, up to 156, because we moved to Alaska and it's cold so you can't go out and walk without freezing which made it hard.. Plus it's dark and depressing, I finally got so sick of feeling that extra weight that I started Zumba and cut out all candies/ chips/ every junk food and started buying healthy cereals, fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, granola bars, I drank a lot of tea and water... My weight was 130 at that point but then I got pregnant lol! I know it's been a long journey, I stayed pretty healthy thru pregnancy and actually only gained 15-20lbs. I remember my weight directly after coming home from the hospital was 146... Once she was born I continued to eat healthy and my weight dropped to 125 in the next months. I've been eating somewhat what I want, but also limiting intake so I don't go overboard. My weight is usually within 5-7lbs. Right now I'm 130, I'd say that starting out.. you can gradually add exercise, without dieting. Just pay attention to your body and when you feel full. If you're not hungry, then drink some water instead. I lost the majority of my weight without even dieting, I just lived a lot more actively and kept busy with things everyday. I didn't start counting calories for awhile after that. I don't know about fasting because I've never tried it, but have you considered doing things like Zumba? Because the time flies by! And you can burn up to 800 calories in the hour classes. You can add and message me, I just made this myfitness thing today I don't know how to use it but I'll figure it out lol!
  • Oh and when I gained weight back to 156 it probably took about four months to get to 130, plus or minus. Sorry I don't keep perfect track I'm just going by my memory. I never kept a journal or anything for that :(
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