Not ready to use the gym

hey I'm not ready to start using the gym yet because I don't feel comfortable with the way I look at the moment but I want to start working out more what would be the best thing to do


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    Join the gym.
    Who cares what people there think. Honestly, think of the type of person that would look down on your for trying to positively change your you really care what they think? The gym is your time. Put in your head phones and get to work :)

    If you're nervous about what exercises to do, or how to do them you can always get a personal trainer or someone experienced to workout with you. Or you could hire an online coach suggest a program and teach correct form.
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    I just started at Planet Fitness but am a little uncomfortable. But I'm finding that using the stationary bike and treadmill is helping me get used to the "feel" of the gym. Maybe doing that will help you also. Otherwise I was researching simple calisthenics on YouTube. Good luck.
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    Do you have a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike? Those are always great.
    If it's warm where you live you can always go for walks or runs.. C25K is a great program for beginners I'm doing it right now.
    If you don't have any of this available to you i'd recommend workout DVD's. There's plenty of youtube. A good tough one is Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. Also search some zumba videos!
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    In an ideal world you would not care and be all like "THIS IS WHO AM I, DEAL WITH IT." But this isn't an ideal world, right? So if the thought of going a gym gives you enough anxiety that you think it would keep you from actually going then don't even bother because 'failing' at your gym exercise goal might be worse.

    Pick something you *know* you can do, and make it as easy as possible. There are a lot of exercises you can do with almost no equipment at home. And if you're up to it walking is great (or so I'm told - my knees don't like it).

    There's nothing magical about a gym.
  • Honestly I agree with bm920. IF the only thing keeping you from joining the gym is worry about how you look, join. Seriously, most people are in there minding their own business and working out. They aren't worried about anyone else and how they look. BUT if there are people like that where you are, ignore them. If they are weird enough to be worried about what you're doing then it's their problem not yours. Honestly, I admire anyone that is trying to better themselves.

    Now, if you still want to work out at home, I love the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home dvds. I usually use the 1 that is 3 miles. You can also find some of here videos on Youtube and walk that way. There are so many dvds out there that will allow you to get a variety of workouts right in your own home. Maybe get a treadmill or exercise bike, walk your neighborhood or just research workouts you can do at home using your own body weight. You got this girl!
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    Thank you everyone I guess I'm just use to people judging me on how I look it's hard that people won't being judging me for using a gym and I've tried work out DVDs and I didn't really get on with them I didn't really think about getting a treadmill or exercise bike I think I will look into getting one of those x

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    I had a lot of anxiety about joining the gym. I had never been an athlete and felt so awkward doing anything too physical in front of others. Even my own husband didn't see me run for the first 9 years of our marriage! For me, completing the Couch-to-5K program helped me gain the physical confidence I needed to get a gym membership. We bought a used treadmill, and I ran on it while watching endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Now I still workout at home AND go to the gym.
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    I hate the idea of a gym too, and I used to love goin years ago. Now I have an Xbox kineckt and do the Nike trainer game which kicks my butt and pushes me every time.
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    For a long time, I used to think I had to get in shape to start going to the gym. So, I just never went.

    Now, I've learned that it's kind of like ripping off a band-aid. When I join a new gym, I always feel uncomfortable for the first few times I go. But the thing is, I KNOW that I'm going to feel uncomfortable, and I also know that it will pass pretty quickly. The first time is the worst, but it gets better from there!

    Pick an activity you know you're comfortable with to start, even just walking on a treadmill. Don't worry about doing a full workout or staying for a long time the first few times you go. Get used to the setting. Observe people--see what they do and what the etiquette seems to be. If you want to start strength training, look up a very simple routine you know you can probably do, and start there.

    Seriously, in my opinion, going to a new gym always sucks and it always awkward. Know that a lot of people feel that way--you're not alone!
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    @Meliissami‌ ! I use youtube and search for 'home workouts'. They can seriously get your heart pumping and burn the calories. I really liked this one - not too hard, but still gets your heart pumping. There are a TONNE of videos, you could do something new everyday for the next 10 years so you won't get bored :)

    If you are willing to spend money and want to work out extra hard you can buy insanity - all home based hardcore workout.

    I am "lucky" enough to live on the 6th floor so I will often just do stair sprints and then at the top of each lap I'll do active recovery with squats, sit ups, pushups (not really, I hate pushups) or anything else I can think of. I do this if I don't have time or don't feel like the gym or can't go outside.

    Inbox me / friend me if you want to chat / motivate each other / get more ideas!
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    ... you could also find a quiet hiking / walking trail.
  • Exercising at home works just as well!! Get some exercise videos, make a playlist of your favorite exercises on YouTube, sign up for daily burn. Com, go walking outside, dance in the house, the options are endless! Find something that works for you and sick to it
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    I love my gym. :) Everyone is friendly, supportive and doesn't shove their opinions where they aren't wanted. There are the ridiculously fit, the obese and everything in between and everyone is in there just focusing on their own fitness; not judging and critiquing you. Before I joined, though, I built my stamina and confidence by doing the 30 Day Shred (any fitness DVD or even the C25k program would work) which made me feel much less winded when I finally did join - maybe that will help you. :) Don't worry about how you look. The point of the gym is to work off the fat and build that muscle - you're there to do exactly what you look like you're there to do, regardless of size or appearance.
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    If you want to join a gym, join a gym. If not, then you certainly don't have to. If you're not comfortable with going to a gym, then maybe look for workouts on youtube, or buy a fitness DVD or machine. The most important thing isn't whether or not you're working out in a gym - it's whether or not you're working out at ALL.

    As long as you're doing something, you're on the right track. :)
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    Join the gym. You'll find people of all shapes, sizes, and age there and for the most part people won't pay you any mind.

    And the people who are paying attention you are probably on MFP.
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    Join the GYM babe no one can JUDGE you in there
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    It's true, most people don't care, and if they do, it doesn't matter because that's on them.

    But if it bothers you enough to prevent you going, here's how people at the gym will be able to tell you're new and will cut you some slack: wear a baggy t-shirt and capris (or leggings or yoga pants). It will cover whatever you're worried about, and is the new person at the gym uniform. It's basically a magic license to look like you don't know what you're doing with equipment, and to ask questions. No one judges a person in a baggy t-shirt.
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    Gyms are very anonymous, even anti social, places. There is no expectation that you will know anyone or talk to anyone or know their name. Everyone has headphones in and are focused on their activity. Frankly, a supermarket is a far more personal and intimidating setting. Go exercise and no one will give a damn about you. That's a good thing.
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    Find the right gym, and join up. Buy some nice gym outfits so that you want to put them on and attend. My gym is a community based gym, so there are lots of parents (with their teenage kids)and older people there. People range in size and not everyone looks like The Rock. In fact, I can only think of one guy who does look that way! The gym has indoor courts ie basketball, soccer, and a pool for kids to learn to swim. If you are concerned that you are not fit enough to go to a gym, then find a gym like mine. I have also attended a gym once in the UK, that was a private ladies only gym. Find the right gym, and then you will want to go. Tell them that you are shopping around, and they will all give you a free work out for the first time so that you can check out their facilities. After trying out a couple, then you will feel confident that you have made the right choice and will be more committed.
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    Most of those fit people in the gym were nervous and felt unfit when they joined. No one will be judging you - everyone is usually too busy worrying about themselves to pay much attention to anyone else. I'd recommend signing up and getting a trainer for a few sessions to help you get confident using the equipment. You'll feel at home there in no time.

    Having said that, if it's really not your thing then there are plenty of other options to exericse without going to the gym - home DVDs, YouTube videos, running, hiking, cycling, body weight training. Just do what you enjoy.