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Anyone from UK? weight loss buddy



  • JennyJH
    JennyJH Posts: 189 Member
    From Warwickshire. Happy for anyone to add :)
  • welshpoppy
    welshpoppy Posts: 114 Member
    I am from South Wales!
  • SusanKing1981
    SusanKing1981 Posts: 257 Member
    Londoner living on the Lincolnshire / Leicestershire border....add me :)
  • fizzleh
    fizzleh Posts: 71 Member
    London here
  • dzhyana
    dzhyana Posts: 1 Member
    I'm living in London! What's the New Me diet? Is it any good? I'm trying low carb/no sugar but finding it tough to stick to :(
  • walkonfire5
    walkonfire5 Posts: 648 Member
    Everyone is more than welcome to add me, im paul from good old somerset
  • mink_deville
    mink_deville Posts: 14 Member
    Hey May,

    I'm from Brighton add a way :smiley:
  • hantstc
    hantstc Posts: 65
    Hampshire here, free to add and I will happily support you and add a bit of banter too :)
  • amywoo5
    amywoo5 Posts: 5 Member
    i'm in brighton :)
  • Silvara_11
    Silvara_11 Posts: 133 Member
    I'm from London, please add me too!
  • andrewcambs
    I'm from Cambridgeshire. Using MyFitnessPal has enabled me to lose 12kg (abt 26lbs) in 6mths... and i've found it easy and really suits me (and my slightly OCD/data nerdism).
  • icck
    icck Posts: 197 Member
    Bedfordshire here! :)
  • wild1990
    wild1990 Posts: 7 Member
    Hey all, just stated using the MyFitnessPal community, little bio about me. I am an aspiring fitness model looking to help motivate others. I have just started documenting my progress and if anybody is interested following my journey on YouTube please subscribe to my channel
  • davert123
    davert123 Posts: 1,568 Member
    anyone from England please add me. I live in Cannock, been here for a while now and loving it. Always good to see people doing stuff in the same timezone.
  • decodownunder
    decodownunder Posts: 10 Member
    Irish and now living in Canada but always happy to make new friends and tell you to NOT eat that pizza and go to the gym instead! :-)
  • IchSarah
    IchSarah Posts: 4 Member
    Meeee! :) I'm from Chester!
    I'm from Frodsham!! Add me if you like
  • IchSarah
    IchSarah Posts: 4 Member
    mattrow1 wrote: »
    Add me too if you like, I need motivational buddies! From near Chester ;)
    I'm from frodsham.... Add me if you like!!!
  • IchSarah
    IchSarah Posts: 4 Member
    1Jac wrote: »
    Hi I'm from Cheshire and would probably benefit from a MFP buddy. I've used this app before but gave up after a while but this time I'm determined. X
    I'm from frodsham and looking for buddies :-)
  • beccaduz
    beccaduz Posts: 24 Member
    I'm from London
  • kayleycookiey
    kayleycookiey Posts: 1 Member
    From reading about 1hour away from london