Obsessed with Dnnon Light & Fit Greek Yogurts

I am obsessed with this new find. So far, I have had vanilla, bananas and cream, blackberry, and peach. Each one is better than the next. 80 calories each, and taste sinfully good! If you need good snack or dessert foods, check these out. I have never been a big yogurt fan but these taste like pudding and don't have that weird, sour, yogurt taste. Check them out!


  • kellyann2001
    kellyann2001 Posts: 14 Member
    They are delish. Mix one in with one egg and a half cup wheat flower and they make fabulous flavored pancakes!
  • buckeye213
    buckeye213 Posts: 49 Member
    Yep they are good I sprinkle in Gluten free granola on top and mix in
  • ktekc
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    edited January 2015
    try the strawberry cheesecake or chocolate raspberry. . .yummy
    raspberry one tastes a little like cordials to me for some reason.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,373 Member
    They taste too artificial for me, although I liked the limited edition caramel apple pie... but it was still too sweet.
  • Walter__
    Walter__ Posts: 518 Member
    Can't stand them. Too artificial and sweet like the poster above me said.

    Aldi's Fit & Active >>>>>>>>>
  • wkwebby
    wkwebby Posts: 807 Member
    The chocolate rasberry one was awesome! Blueberry was pretty good too.
  • Archerychickge
    Archerychickge Posts: 606 Member
    I put a tablespoon or so of crushed up Special K Vanilla Almond cereal on mine... SOOOOO flipping yummy!
  • Archerychickge
    Archerychickge Posts: 606 Member
    They are delish. Mix one in with one egg and a half cup wheat flower and they make fabulous flavored pancakes!

    I LOVE the way you think!!!!!
  • JoRocka
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    cabot- once you go with the thick stuff- you never go the other way.
  • CaitlinW19
    CaitlinW19 Posts: 431 Member
    They are delish. Mix one in with one egg and a half cup wheat flower and they make fabulous flavored pancakes!

    I do this all the time execpt I actually just use 6 oz plain greek yogurt and throw in some vanilla and cinnamon. The original recipe was like yours though, although it called for 1 tsp baking soda also. They are the best pancakes ever imo. I love the consistancy.
  • conklil
    conklil Posts: 81 Member
    Love them...banana cream is my favorite. I don't care about the artificial sweeteners...love them too :) I still have to try the cherry chocolate. It's in my fridge but loving the banana cream too much right now. I may have to try the pancakes too.
  • cdfitness200
    cdfitness200 Posts: 26 Member
    Thanks for the pancakes suggestions! Will have to try that.
  • Revonue
    Revonue Posts: 135 Member
    The caramel macchiato is amazing. I have currently just been eating out of the container, but I will have to try the pancake thing!
  • htimpaired
    htimpaired Posts: 1,404 Member
    Try the salted caramel seasonal one. It's yummy!
  • FitPhillygirl
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    I love their Greek Yogurts. I mix them with Flax and Chia seeds.
  • successgal1
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    I used to eat several of those a day, then my doctor told me to lay off dairy. Now I just have kefir in my breakfast smoothie and have picked other things for snacks/ reevaluated what I eat and when yet still be within my calorie goal. I've switched to pumpkin oatmeal smoothies as a snack (premade at home then brought to work), a filling yet small lunch (1/2 cup chili beans on a bed of kale or soon to try mashed cauliflower), then carrot and celery and 2 T of homemade hummus for another snack.

    I think the sugar spikes from the yogurt are what the doc wants me to avoid. That and artificial sweetners.
  • quilt938
    quilt938 Posts: 57 Member
    I like dipping apple slices in the salted caramel!
  • evarga12
    evarga12 Posts: 55 Member
    Just stocked on the salted Caramal & add instant coffee to it - is my new favorite!

    Just an FYI costco sells a variety pack of 18 for 10-11 bucks.
  • cdfitness200
    cdfitness200 Posts: 26 Member
    Some of you have mentioned these tasting artificial. I have never been a big yougurt fan until these, so I havent had many other kinds. Are there others you prefer that you think taste less artificial. With the peach and blackberry - they have chunks of real fruit so I though they tasted pretty fresh, but I'm always open to new great finds!
  • Miracle_Fi9hter
    Miracle_Fi9hter Posts: 26 Member
    I love the banana flavored too!! I sometimes have it as an after dinner snack -mix in a few mini chocolate chips & add some fat free whip cream. It's taste AMAZING!!