What running shoes?

i want to start running. I'm going to try the c25k app. What running shoes would you recommend?


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    I suggest finding a locally-owned running store and going to see them. My wife went to one and they watched the way she ran, etc. and worked with her to find a shoe that works best for her. She loves the shoes she found.

    That being said, I'm a big fan of Asics. Particularly the Gel Venture 4, but that's me.
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    i want to start running. I'm going to try the c25k app. What running shoes would you recommend?

    The standard advice is to find a running store, have them observe you running, and have them make a recommendation based on your gait.

    There is some evidence that gait-specific shoes aren't as helpful as people think (see Owen Anderson, Running Science, and Alex Hutchinson, Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?, for discussion and references). But it's probably best to start with a gait-specific shoe and change if it causes problems.

    Go shoe-shopping in the afternoon or evening. Your feet swell up during the day. They'll swell during running, too, so if you buy shoes in the morning, they may be too tight. Also, bring a pair of running socks with you; stores will usually have disposable socks for trying on shoes, but you will really want to use the same thickness sock that you'll be running in.

    If you finish C25K and find that you're hooked, consider getting a second pair of shoes from another brand, and alternate them. You'll reduce your risk of injury.

    Running is great, and C25K is a fine way to work yourself into it without injury or (too much) frustration. Have fun!
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    Go get "fitted" for shoes...the right ones make a world of difference. As those above said, go to a running store, have them watch your stride and they will recommend pairs for you to try.
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    getting a good shoe is important. I use a special insert because of arch and have found it very true to replace shoes about every 3-4 months with my activity level not sure what the miles are but they do break down before you can always see wear and tear. Good luck. For me I am a Nike girl all the way but my son is New Balance all the way different running forms.
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    What running shoes would you recommend?

    The ones that are appropriate to your weight, build, gait ands the surface you'll be running on. Get some advice from a decent running shop, look for one that'll have a returns policy so that you have some fallback option if the first purchase isn't right.
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    Did you read the sticky post at the top of "so you want to start running"? Read it. Good stuff there.
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    I second getting fitted!
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    Go to a store with a certified pedorthist on staff & get yourself fitted for shoes. You do have to make an appt. It is SOOOO worth it.
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    Getting fitted at your neighborhood running store is definitely step 1.

    I use Brooks Ghost 7. Great for my running style and arch support.
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    Thanks all! Looks like I'll be finding a running store in my neighborhood!
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    Have you joined the C25K group yet? Great bunch of people, and they off lots of good advice and encouragement.

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    Check your pronation before you buy, good to go to a running store and have the professionals help if you are serious about running. Remember to buy new shoes about every 3-4 months also you may get longer wear depending on the miles and how the shoe holds up. I personally like Asics 1000 series shoe and also Saucony Hurricane series.
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    And if you have more than one store in your area, get multiple opinions. The experience and thoughts of running shoe employees varies a bit. Sometimes I good to get a second opinion.

    Go in open minded, don't worry about brands, styles, colors anything - just get what works for you.

    And definitely buy from the shop you get fit from. It's more expensive than online...but to me I feel like I'm also paying for the cost of the fitting. You can always buy future pairs online once you know what works for you.