Things I am Lucky not to Like



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    ashleycde wrote: »
    Ah, that's something to look into. Did you have a problem with fried foods as well, or just fast foods? I've only had a problem with fast food, or more specifically McDonald's. I know where my gallbladder is, and the pain for me is lower, more in my digestive track, as it is with my lactose intolerance. I've always had problems with severe gas pains from some foods, luckily inherited from both of my parents. I've had gastrointestinal pain so severe people have thought my appendix had burst on multiple occasions, but it always passes, and let's just say, I can feel the pressure releasing, which ever way it goes, so I know it's gastrointestinal.

    It started with just Burger king. Then Ice cream, then all fast foods (particularly Chinese food), then fried foods, then rich foods, then eggs, and then I found out I had about a dozen small marbles rolling around in there. Until I went to the hospital it was all... How do I put it? Evacuation maneuvers and chemical warfare. It actually had to get pretty bad to get to the point where I had stabbing pains near my stomach and in my right ribs and the doctors were like.. hmm gallbladder? I think that's why I didn't figure it out for so many years, it was almost the same symptoms as my lactose intolerance.

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    I don't like pop or anything carbonated. I don't know if that makes me lucky or less gassy. Maybe a bit of both.
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    Alright, looks like I know what to ask my doc on my next check up. Eek! Thanks for the heads up.
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    white breads yick taste like glue
    white sugar literally burns my throat...i guess being raised on raw sugar did that to me! but no complaining!
    mayo makes me gag
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    Alcohol. I don't dislike it exactly, but I've never been in the habit of drinking at home or with meals. If we go out, I will have a few drinks, but it's not a daily or even weekly thing that I have to fit into my calories.
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    Feet. I will never EVER be a foot fetish person.

    Oh wait, this is about food? Easy.. Squash. EW ew ew.
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    Sweet drinks of any kind. Blergh.
    I'm meh on chocolate. Especially the waxy American varieties. The only good I get out of chocolate is when it's nice and creamy and buttery.
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    White sauces
    McDonalds (and any other fast food stuff)
    whipped cream
    half and half
    pork (except bacon)
    canned tuna fish
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    I'm lucky I don't like:
    Fast food at all!
    Cream sauces and soups
    Hot dogs
    Liver and all organ meats

    But I do love eel!
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    I forgot to add that I don't like fizzy drinks (soda) and I don't really drink alcohol. I used to when I was at university though. I think I had enough then to make up for the rest of my life lol.
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    Most dairy, except cottage cheese, and a SMALL amount of three cheeses or milk
    Fried seafood
    Many snack items
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    Lucky not to like steak? Blasphemy! I like mine somewhere in-between rare and blue. Just give me a cow, a knife and a fork and I'm good.

    Ooh I just remembered, I hate ranch. Vile stuff. That's got to be fairly calorie dense, yes?
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    I am so lucky I have bland taste buds and don't like dressings / sauces etc.. So all my salads and veggies are just plain boiled. I love top deck chocolate though... Also totally have to have boiled eggs everyday 2 to 4 of them
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    Oh where do I start.. I don't like quite a variety of calorie rich foods.

    I second soda. I drink it every once in a while, but only diet soda because I can't warrant spending calories on something that I don't even like that much.

    Alcoholic drinks in general. I may have a beer .. about 2-3 times a year but that's it.

    Doughnuts. I used to eat them just because they're "there". Now I don't touch them and don't even miss them because I don't even like them that much.

    Red meat. No amount of steak or ribs food porn will entice me enough to eat it.

    Chicken thighs and wings. Pretty much any kind of poultry that isn't skinless chicken breast and any kind of meat that isn't disguised beyond recognition.

    caramel popcorn or any sweet popcorn.

    Bacon, any type. Pork of any type - unless processed beyond recognition.

    Salo (cured pork fat)



    Flavored coffee or high calorie coffee concoctions. I've always had mine black no sugar even as a 300 pound person.

    Anything "sweet and spicy".

    Shrimp, or any seafood other than fish for that matter. I also hate all kinds of sushi.


    Peanut butter cups.

    Anything KFC.

    The list goes on...

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    I dislike all fast food except pizza and even then it has to be a more upmarket pizza joint. I wasn't raised on fast food and it all tastes gross to me. I also don't like soft drink (soda) and I'm not much into alcohol either. I sound incredibly boring haha but it makes losing weight easier.
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    im not a huge fan of ice cream. ill eat it on occasion, but its pretty rare (i actually know ill have some today cause the church will get me some for taking pics LOL i guarantee someone shows up with an oreo blizzard for me during the day) and i dont mind on those days, i spend the entire day walking in circles in the gym, so i dont worry about it too much.

    i dont like fried chicken skin (okay, i do, ive just told myself this lie for 20 years so now i believe it and dont eat it LOLOL)

    i dont like hard candies

    i dont like pasta. ill eat it, but not a ton. i think i was overdosed as a child LOL
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    Mayo (gross!)
    Regular Soda
    Carrot Cake
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    I have a fear of potatoes so I'm lucky I don't even want to go near those!
    Salad dressings, or any sauces really except for tomato sauce.
    White bread.
    Egg yolk (not worth the calories).
    Non-diet soft drinks.
    Allergic to tea and I don't like coffee.
    Salty things.
    Italian cuts of meat - salami, pastrami, etc.
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    I guess I'm lucky I've never been a big drinker. . I've been good at limiting my sweets to one or two pieces at a time though.
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    ashleycde wrote: »
    Lucky not to like steak? Blasphemy! I like mine somewhere in-between rare and blue. Just give me a cow, a knife and a fork and I'm good.

    Me too!