How often do you weigh yourself?



  • sherambler
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    I typically weigh in once a week. I used to weigh in daily, and I think I'm going to go back to that. I found it was much easier to rein in my eating or push myself to do more exercise when I was weighing in every day. I think it really depends on what works best to motivate yourself.
  • beachlover83
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    I weigh myself a few times a week but only record it once a week or so. I know my weight will fluctuate by a few pounds, so I want to know a true weight vs just a good or bad day.
  • ruggedshutter
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    Daily. I do this to keep track of fluctuations. I have seen trends where if I eat too much sodium that I’ll retain a pound or two. I record on MFP on Thursdays. Why Thursdays? It seems that I get into a rhythm during the week. It takes a couple of days for my body to get back on sync after a weekend.
  • usflygirl55
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    Once a week. Every Monday morning around the same time. It's what works for me. :smile:
  • undergloom
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    Every day, same time, without fail.
    I don't recommend it if a sudden, seemingly significant, inexplicable upswing is going to affect your mood or determination, however. It's normal for the numbers to fluctuate wildly, and seeing days of hard work and discipline result in higher numbers on the scale can be disheartening for many. A weekly weighing will smooth out the erratic noise inherent with daily weigh-ins.
    Personally, I tend to lose weight in the form of The Big WHOOSH, whereby I basically plateau or even climb up a few pounds for four or five days before the number suddenly and gloriously drops like a lead zeppelin on some random morning. I weigh myself every day because I love seeing that happen and I don't want to miss it.
  • mattjft
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    a couple times a week but I only count one weigh in. the same day and same time every week
  • tavenne323
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    I do it everyday. I log it everyday, my scale automatically syncs to my phone. But I don't stress if it does up a little here or there...I just want to see an overall decrease. Most days when I put on a little it's because I know I didn't drink enough water. I always weigh in the morning before breakfast. I do measure myself every month or so. Mostly when I feel like my clothes are looser, then I want to see numbers.
  • giantrobot_powerlifting
    Cutting: once a week.

    Bulking: Every six to eight.

    Maintenance: almost never.
  • sherbear702
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    Daily. I do this to keep track of fluctuations. I have seen trends where if I eat too much sodium that I’ll retain a pound or two. I record on MFP on Thursdays. Why Thursdays? It seems that I get into a rhythm during the week. It takes a couple of days for my body to get back on sync after a weekend.

    This is pretty darn close to the exact same thing I was going to post. I weigh every day, I just can't help myself. I like to see the daily fluctuations. For example, I weight on Saturday and was 200.6lbs, I weighted this morning and the scale said 203. Why the fluctuation? Because I was terrible this weekend. I like to see that on the scale to make myself feel guilty and do better then next week or feel better if it's a loss and motivate myself to keep going.
  • kawem24
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    I was weighing in daily, but it was not working for me. I got too upset at the daily fluctuations. I know they are normal, but it seemed to bum me out. So, I now weigh in weekly on Friday mornings. It is much better for me.
  • Ldbg289
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    I weigh daily but I now only record it on Friday. I used to record practically daily but recently decided against it.
  • longmichelle74
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    At first I was weighing myself every other day and it was fluctuation so much so I went to once a week so I can actually see the results.
  • AliluniqueLaura
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    I weigh daily. My fluctuations almost always show a gain. So this reminds me to up my water, count every bite and exercise.
  • LeslieB042812
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    I weigh in daily, at the same time under the same conditions: every morning, right after getting up and using the bathroom, necked. That way, it's consistent. I much prefer this over weekly weigh ins because it allows me to track the ups and downs that happen regularly so I don't get too excited over a random drop or too frustrated over a water weight day.

    I HIGHLY recommend an app called Libra (I learned about it on the MFP message boards). You enter your daily weight (doesn't have to be daily but more data points are more helpful) and it calculates a trend line, along with projected goal achievement. It really helps to see your actual trend, with the fluctuations accounted for.
  • Ibknute
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    I use Sunday mornings when I first get up (after a bathroom break) as my official weigh in for reporting purposes. Nothing special about that day but just started doing it then. It gives me a consistent time and conditions for comparison. I will weigh myself again a couple times during the week to see how the week seems to be going but don't record it on the chart. I also use other measures such as how my clothes feel and am just starting to track body measurements as another method to track progress.
  • jiagetsfit
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    As weight is a fickle minded thing, I weigh myself daily and jot it down on a paper. Because my heart can't bear any surprises every week :P
  • quiksylver296
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    Daily, when I get out of bed. I have done for years whether I'm dieting or not. I get to know what are normal variations in weight and what is unusual weight gain.

    It's just data to me.

    I use an app called Happy Scale to chart my weight. Then it is obvious when a rogue fluctuation appears. When I was trying to weight once a week, it was mortifying to see the scale go up three pounds in one week. But with the daily chart, I've learned to read my body and its fluctuations.

  • Darcanis
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    Personally I weigh every couple days in the morning before eating and take measurements once a week on the weekend.
  • misscaligreen
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    I weigh myself daily. It helps keep me motivated and on track especially when the scale is not moving or moving in the wrong direction eek! I don't get upset or discouraged though it really does help me stay the course. Some people cant handle seeing the numbers go up during the week but i know that it is just water, waste etc because I am on track with calories. I officially weigh once a week in morning for logging weight. All the other days are just to see how I am doing but my official weigh in day is when it really counts.
  • momofthreeinwis
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    So because I can't stop myself from weighing daily, here is what I do to keep myself from going crazy. I weigh myself everyday BUT I only record my weight once a week in fitness pal and what I record is a 7 day average. That way the daily fluctuations don't stress me out so much because I know they will balance by the end of the week. It is the only way I have found that allows be to take what I see on the scale with a grain of salt (not being too depressed by a gain or thinking I can celebrate with more food because of a loss). I learned this from another poster on here who had lost over 100lbs and struggled with this also. A really great free tool to do this is on the Hacker's Diet (just Google it). This one just works best for me but I am sure there are others.