Roasted Veggies

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Hi all,

I roast veggies every night (all kinds...mushroom, zuch, broc, cauliflower...whatever). What's the best way to count calories? Do I need to count the olive oil? I try to use a small amount. Usually 3 tbsp. for a huge bag of veggies.....



  • brandi712
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    If you roast a whole head of broccoli you would take the calorie count of the entire head, and divide by how many portions you make of it. Yes, you need to count the olive oil. It has calories and fat, so to be accurate in your daily counts, yes :)
  • mabug01
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    What method do you use now to count calories? I would weigh each type of vegetable raw and then divide by portions. Also, I think you could get away with cutting down on the oil if you toss it in with the raw vegetables either in a bowl or baggie and toss to coat.
  • JennetteMac
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    I roast mine without oil. o:)
  • jgnatca
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    Oils and fats are calorie dense and even in small amounts add up quickly. But they also are so lovely. So add them and count them.
  • SuggaD
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    Roasted veggies are the best. I also toss them to use less oil. Or try the olive oil spray.
  • illyich
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    SuggaD is right! Make your oil go farther by A) measuring it and B) putting your veggies in a bowl and tossing them with the oil. I usually use 2tsp of olive oil (80 calories) and spread that over about a pound of carrots or broccoli or my favorite, brussel sprouts! The fat in olive oil is good for you, but a little goes a long way for those of us counting the calories.
  • weebee05
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    I have to use the oils, I have lots of fun flavors and my kids eat win! I will cut back on the amount. I've just been counting the number of cups I get after roasting and then dividing the oil by that many servings. It works, I was just curious if other people count oil when used in this manner. thanks all!
  • Teresa_3266
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    I weigh the veggies that I plan to roast (this is after cutting, peeling, ect.) and I count the calories in the oil. Most of the time I make enough roasted veggies for hubby and me and I just add it all up and divide it in half. I'm not going to go crazy trying to be super exact with my calories as long as I figure a tad high. ;)
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    i weigh out all my veggies on the food scale as i add them to the pan. I roast without any oil.